Our aspiration is to be the community of choice for successful self-licensed businesses.

  • Like-minded, professional self-licensed businesses.

  • A dedicated team of experienced professionals.

  • Industry and peer insights.

  • Dedicated Advisory Council.

  • Comprehensive professional support to help you in managing your licence.

  • Responsible Manager forums.

  • Training and education to support Responsible Managers and practice staff.

  • Leveraging the collective strengths of our community to connect you with best practice ideas.

  • Access to selected third-party business solutions at negotiated pricing.

  • High achieving wealth management businesses running their own AFSL.

  • A willingness to actively participate in a community that shares and learns from best practice.

  • Robust compliance standards and frameworks.

  • Active engagement with our responsible manager support model.

  • Demonstrated alignment to our network of BT Principals’ Community peers and cultural attributes.

  • A desire to be part of a peer-led, professional and innovative community.

Your network of business owners

Find out how the Community benefits principals of self-licensed advice businesses.

Support from third-party providers

Find out what principals of self-licensed advice businesses gain from the scale of the Principals’ Community.

Managing your AFS licence

Find out what principals of self-licensed advice businesses gain from the Community’s Governance offer.

Opportunities for growth

Find out how the Community helps principals of self-licensed advice businesses capitalise on M&A opportunities.

Dedicated account directors

Find out how valuable the support provided by the Community’s Account Directors is for principals of self-licensed advice businesses.

Advice to prospective members

Find out what advice principals of self-licensed advice businesses have for prospective Community members.

Interested in being a member?

Find out how being a member of the BT Principals Community can help you and your business.

Is self-licensing right for my business?

Download our guide that outlines some key areas you may wish to consider when deciding whether self-licensing is right for you business.

BT Services is provided by BT Australia Pty Ltd ABN 72 000 700 247 (BT) . The BT services available for purchase (including the BT Principals’ Community) are also provided by  BT. These services are administration and support services only. BT does not accept any responsibility for your obligations as an adviser or AFSL holder (including your ongoing compliance obligations). You are solely responsible for your obligations and ensuring you meet them. The information and documents available on BT Services are for the information of financial advisers and licensees only.