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Supporting you through year end on BT Panorama

For most advice practices the year end busy period does not stop on 30 June, so we will continue to focus both on the service and resources we provide to you to help you get through this busy period.

Here's information on some key considerations for EOFY and how you can access support for your clients:

Take extra care with pension payments scheduled for July

If any of your clients have pension payments scheduled for July 2024, we recommend checking if they’ll have sufficient funds in their BT Panorama transaction account. Without enough available cash, pension payments can be delayed.

Why payments can be delayed in July

Where there’s insufficient cash to cover a pension payment, we’ll sell down a proportion of a client’s investments to generate the required cash.

During the EOFY period, there can be delays in the striking of unit prices, in distribution and dividend payments, and in asset redemptions, which can impact a client’s cash balance.

The combination of these factors can cause pension payments to be delayed.

What you can do to help avoid delays

If any of your clients have pension payments scheduled for July 2024, we recommend checking they’ll have sufficient funds in their transaction account. And if they don’t, you should consider selling down assets before 28 June to generate the required cash.

Transaction cut-off dates

For transactions to be reflected within the 2024 year-end statements, they must be valid and placed before our published cut-off times. These cut-off times apply to contributions, in specie asset transfers, other transfers such as transfers between superannuation phases, investment orders, new applications and pension resets. The cut-off times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) and will therefore need to be adjusted if you are operating in a different time zone. For the full list of cut-off dates, login to BT Panorama and head to Help & support > Business & admin > Panorama year end > Transaction cut-off dates.

Ensure bank accounts are correctly linked and verified before making any contributions via direct debit

To ensure any contributions via direct debit are received before the end of the financial year, make sure your client’s nominated bank account is linked and verified ahead of time. It will take approximately two business days to verify a bank account once it is linked, and approximately three business days for a direct debit deposit to settle. You can view more information on how to link and verify a new bank account for your client, or login to BT Panorama and head to Help & support > Managing your clients > Payments & deposits > Verify linked accounts.

If there isn’t enough time for direct debit, consider using another contribution method such as EFT or BPAY®.

Verification of linked bank accounts

Ensure the correct contribution type is included on any contributions made via direct credit/electronic funds transfer (EFT)

When making contributions using direct credit/EFT, it's important to identify the type of contribution in the description field. If there is no annotation in the description field, the contribution will be treated as a personal contribution. For a list of the references for contributions login to BT Panorama and head to Help & support > Products & investments > Manage contributions > About biller codes & bank accounts.

Cheque deposits no longer accepted on BT Panorama (Super and Investments)

We’re making a change to the accepted ways deposits and contributions may be made into BT Panorama accounts — that may impact your clients.

From 1 July 2024, we’ll no longer accept cheques as a method of making deposits and contributions. We’ve made this change based on the very low levels of cheque usage across our products, as well as the benefits clients have in using quicker deposit methods.

Clients currently have the option to use BPAY, direct debit, or direct credit. And super contributions may also be made through SuperStream.

These deposit methods are quicker to process and more secure for your clients. Cheques can take up to 10 working days to process, from the date it is sent, to when the money is in your client’s account.

For more information, view our product updates page.

Estimate when a client's Tax Statement will be produced

Our tax statement estimator tool will be available in late July. Use it to see when a tax statement was released or the estimated tax statement delivery dates. To access the tool, login to BT Panorama and head to Help & support > Business and admin > Panorama year end.

Use BT Panorama’s Tax Statement Guides to help you, your clients and their accountants locate the required tax information


End of year brochure
End of Financial Year Guide
For full details on BT Panorama’s EOFY resources, log in to BT Panorama and head to 'Help & support' > ‘Business and admin’ > ‘Panorama year end’.

Five tips to consider in the lead up to 30 June

In this video, Bryan shares five tips around issues you may want to consider in the lead up to 30 June.

Five tips to consider in the lead up to 30 June

Non concessional (post tax) contributions

In this video, Bryan discusses the option of using additional post tax contributions to boost your clients’ super savings.

EOFY - Non concessional post tax contributions (3:00)

Concessional (pre-tax) contributions

In this video, discover more about the option of using additional pre-tax contributions to boost your clients’ super.

EOFY - Concessional pre tax contributions (3:34)


In this video, understand what your clients should consider regarding personal insurances as circumstances change throughout their lives.

EOFY - Insurances (3:05)

Where can I find more information regarding the year-end tax deduction or credits that have been applied to my client’s BT Panorama Super accounts?

When the fund completes the annual tax return a calculation is performed for the fund as a whole and any final tax adjustments for that financial year are made and allocated to client’s accounts. Factors that are considered in this calculation include but not limited to capital gains or losses, investment income (received or accrued) and concessional contributions. For more information refer to the BT Panorama Super & Tax Guide located in Help & Support>>>Business & Admin>>>BT Panorama Year End.

Year end

Why can’t I claim the full amount of personal non-concessional contributions made for that financial year?

Special rules apply if you made a withdrawal or rolled over part of your super during the year.

Panorama will no longer hold a contribution, or at least a part of it, if the member has chosen to rollover or withdraw a part of their super account held by Panorama. In such a case, a notice of intent cannot be given for the entire contribution.

A valid notice of intent will be limited to a proportion of the contribution that remains after the rollover or withdrawal. The proportion remaining is calculated by taking the tax-free component remaining and multiplying by the contribution, then dividing this by the tax free component of the interest before the rollover.

More information is available on the ATO website.

Does the regular pension payment need to be adjusted when my client has made a one-off pension payment this FY that has met or exceeded their minimum requirements?

One-off pension payments do not have any effect on the nominated regular pension payment, they will contribute towards the minimum pension payment for the financial year, though the nominated regular pension payment will still be paid even if it is set to the minimum. It’s integral that any remaining regular pension payments set are amended for the client’s intentions.

To amend or end the regular pension payment, select the client’s account, and then select Pension Payments. More information is available in Help & Support>Products & Investments>Manage Pension Payments.


Are tax statements produced for BT Panorama Super clients?

Tax statements are not provided for BT Panorama Super clients. Instead, clients will receive an Annual Statement for each financial year. For estimated statement release dates head to Help & Support>Business & Admin>Panorama Year End.


Will my BT Panorama Super client receive a PAYG Summary statement this financial year?

The following BT Panorama Super Pension clients will receive a PAYG Summary statement:

  • Clients who turned 60 during the financial year and received income payments prior to turning 60, but the statement will only include income payments received by the client prior to their 60th birthday.
  • Clients who were 59 or less during the whole financial year, including details of all the income payments they received over the year

The following BT Panorama Super Pension clients will not receive a PAYG Summary statement:

  • Clients who were aged 60 or over as of 1 July 2024 
  • Clients who turned 60 during the financial year and did not receive any income payments prior to turning 60
  • Clients who received income payments consisting of 100% tax-free components

For more information regarding end of financial year statements head to Help & Support>Business & Admin>Panorama Year End



When will my client's Tax Statement be available?

Tax State­ments for BT Panorama In­vest­ments ac­counts will be re­leased in tranches. To see an es­ti­mate of when a par­tic­u­lar clien­t’s state­ment will be re­leased, ad­vis­ers have ac­cess to an es­ti­ma­tor tool through the Help and Sup­port page that will list the ac­count num­bers and their an­tic­i­pated re­lease dates. To ac­cess this tool nav­i­gate to Help & Sup­port -> Busi­ness & Ad­min -> Panorama Year-end. You can log in to the es­ti­ma­tor tool us­ing your User ID (e.g. 201…..) and Panorama user­name.

Why has my client's pension payment for July not been paid out?

Due to the end of fi­nan­cial year, we gen­er­ally ex­pe­ri­ence de­lays with fund man­agers in dis­tri­b­u­tions as well as the re­demp­tion of man­aged funds. Since we are ex­pect­ing these funds into the ac­count, a draw­down will not be trig­gered to fund the pen­sion pay­ment, and as a re­sult there may be in­suf­fi­cient cash to make a sched­uled pen­sion pay­ment.

It is par­tic­u­larly im­por­tant around end of fi­nan­cial year for ad­vis­ers to en­sure their clients pen­sion ac­counts have suf­fi­cient cash avail­able for up­com­ing pen­sion pay­ments. Al­ter­na­tively, ad­vis­ers are able to process a one-off pen­sion pay­ment when suf­fi­cient cash be­comes avail­able. Also, the ad­viser is also able to change the date for when the sched­uled pen­sion pay­ment will go out.

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