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Almost a third of an Australian financial planner’s time is spend on compliance and administration, compared to a global average of less than 20% highlighting the need for advisers to find more efficient ways of operating.
The demand and usage of managed accounts is growing because of their win-win nature – while they have mostly been recommended for the transparency, tax-efficiency and portability they give a client, other benefits are now being realised.

BT Panorama Investments is a comprehensive investment offer for your investment, SMSF and super clients, offering you efficiency, simplicity, choice and flexibility.  All in one place.

Managed accounts deliver efficiencies to licensees, their advisers and clients, by streamlining portfolio selection and maintenance. BT can help you source and implement a managed account solution that suits your business priorities enabling you to best take advantage of those efficiencies.

BT Panorama now allows your clients to purchase our award winning BT Protection Plans through an Investment, SMSF or Super account.

Access a wide range of investment options and range of SMSF features and services, supporting you and your clients.

BT Panorama Super supports you to efficiently manage a clients’ super portfolio from accumulation to pension phase.

Efficiently manage your client’s portfolio from accumulation to pension phase with flexible retirement options, including pensions, annuities and SMSF.