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BT is committed to reducing the risk of financial crime on the businesses and clients who use our products and services. As our lives increasingly move online, cyber security is an important consideration for all businesses, including financial advice businesses. Here you can find practical strategies and information to help enhance the way you manage your business.

16 Apr 2024
Australians are losing more than $3 billion to scams each year. The rising danger of fraud from stolen personal information and scams means we must each be vigilant in safeguarding against these threats.
25 Jul 2023
The threat of cybercrime has never loomed larger over the finance industry. A series of high-profile cyber-attacks on major companies in the past year has compromised tens of millions of data records — so many Australians have had their data accessed. Most Australians have either been directly impacted or know a close family member or friend who has fallen victim to these data breaches.
02 Jun 2023
Keeping client data safe from hackers, verifying identification, whether to use password managers and the risks of using public Wi-Fi are among the cyber security topics that financial advisers should be mindful of.
Re-identification and your account security (1:19)
Cyber security - how to protect your account (2:10)
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