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1. What contact details can be updated online on BT Panorama by advisers and clients?

Advisers and clients are now able to update their contact details online on Panorama, please see the table below for a summary.


2. Does the regular pension payment need to be adjusted when my client has made a one-off pension payment this FY that has met or exceeded their minimum requirements?

One-off pension payments do not have any effect on the nominated regular pension payment, they will contribute towards the minimum pension payment for the financial year, though the nominated regular pension payment will still be paid even if it is set to the minimum. It’s integral that any remaining regular pension payments set are amended for the client’s intentions.

To amend or end the regular pension payment, select the client’s account, and then select Pension Payments. More information is available in Help & Support>Products & Investments>Manage Pension Payments.


3. Can the Super Partial Withdrawal Form be submitted via email?

The Super Partial Withdrawal Form is acceptable via email to in all cases except for when requesting a rollover to an SMSF. It is important when requesting a rollover to an SMSF that certified ID and certified copy of the SMSF bank statement are provided along with Super Partial Withdrawal Form via post to: BT Panorama, GPO Box 2861, Adelaide SA 5001.

4. Are tax statements produced for BT Panorama Super clients?

Tax statements are not provided for BT Panorama Super clients. Instead, clients will receive an Annual Statement for each financial year. For estimated statement release dates head to Help & Support>Business & Admin>Panorama Year End.


5. Why has my client stopped receiving quarterly statements after the migration from BT Wrap to BT Panorama?

For the first quarter following the BT Wrap migration, we provided customers with a quarterly statement to help with the transition to BT Panorama.

If customers elected to receive online statements, quarterly statements were no longer provided from the second quarter after migration. Instead, customers can access this information via BT Panorama in reports titled Portfolio Valuation, Income Received, Portfolio Movement and Transaction History. If they have elected to receive their statements via paper, quarterly statements will continue to be posted to them.

To review your client’s correspondence preference head to their account and click Account Details.

Managing your clients

Can clients transfer assets into a BT Panorama Super account from external sources?

BT Panorama Super can now accept asset transfers as a rollover or contribution from external sources. Rollovers are only acceptable from external SMSFs and super funds as well as BT Panorama SMSFs.

For more information on asset transfers into Panorama Super and requirements head to Help & Support>>>Managing Your Clients>>>Asset Transfers>>>Transfer assets – Super.

Is there a report I can run to see clients current fee status, especially with the pre-RC change advice fee arrangements coming to an end on 30 June 2022?

To review all your client’s current advice fee status and when arrangements will expire head to Business>>>Fees, here you can also view what advice fees are applied to client’s accounts and their next anniversary dates.

For more information on how to renew or submit new advice fee arrangements head to Help & Support>>>Managing Your Clients>>>Fees>>>Advice Fees or when viewing an individual account select Account Fees>>>Advice Fees.


How do I view the Holder Identification Number (HIN) structure of my client and learn more about these features?

If your client has an individual HIN (Sponsored or Custodial) you can view this by following the below pathway on Panorama.

Account Details>>>Additional Services

If the client does not have an individual HIN, then they utilise the default option which is a Nominee HIN.

Further information to understand the key differences and benefits of each HIN structure is available in Help & Support>>>Managing Your Clients>>>Listed Securities>>>Holding Types.

holding types

Can I add a new linked account to my client’s Panorama account from either a BPAY biller code or a Pay Anyone option?

For Panorama Investments accounts, support staff and advisers can add a new linked account, Pay Anyone or BPAY biller to a Panorama account through Payments & Deposits>>>Accounts and Billers. For the new account, a consent request will be sent to the client for them to login and accept the change.

For Panorama Super accounts, only the client can add a new linked account through the Linked Accounts screen when they log in to Panorama.

More information is available including how to verify a linked account on Help & Support>>>Managing Your Clients>>>Payments & Deposits.

payment and deposits

If I end an Ongoing Advice Fee, will the fee still be deducted for that month?

When a fixed term or ongoing advice fee is ended, the fee will be payable up to the end of the month prior to the fee ending. Fees are not payable for the month the fee ended, even if the fee was ended on the last day of the month. For example, if a fee is ended mid-month on 15 July, fees will not be payable for the month of July.

For fees to continue when a fee is ended, ensure you set up a new fee with client consent checked by BT (if not submitted digitally) within the same month the advice fee is ended. For example, if a fee is ended mid-month on 15 July, and a new fee is set up and relevant account approvals are received and checked by BT by 31 July, fees will be payable for the whole month of July.

For more information on advice fees go to Help & Support>>>Managing Your Clients>>>Fees>>>Advice Fees.

advice fees

What is the difference between ‘For action’ and ‘For information’ when reviewing corporate actions for clients?

‘For action’ corporate actions require an election to be made by the adviser to participate, whereas ‘For information’ corporate actions are mandatory events without options.

The Corporate Actions page under Track­ing only displays corporate actions that your clients are eligible for.

It is important to remember sponsored HIN clients participate directly with the share registry for corporate actions with the exception of takeovers and buybacks which will be available for election through Panorama.

For more information regarding corporate actions go to Help & Support>>>Managing Your Clients>>>Listed Securities.

Listed securities

How do I manage fee submissions on BT Panorama?

You can find information about fee submissions by clicking on the help and support section on your BT Panorama desktop and then choosing the following options: Managing your clients -> Monitoring and reporting -> Fees. 

How do I manage fee submissions on BT Panorama?

Can I transfer the cash held within my client’s managed portfolio to their Panorama transactional cash account?

Yes you can, simply submit an online Intra account transfer when you are logged into Panorama.

More information is in Help & Support>>>Managing Your Clients>>>Asset Transfers>>>Intra account transfer.

payment and deposits

Where can I find the previous financial year’s annual and tax statements for a previous BT Wrap client ?

Historical annual and tax statements have been uploaded to the document library on BT Panorama for migrated accounts. The annual and tax statement for financial year 2020/2021 has been split into two parts to account for relevant information that occurred on Wrap and Panorama due to the migration.

More information is found in Help & Support > Business & Admin > Panorama Year End.

To view the BT Panorama transaction cut-off dates for this financial year end, from the BT Panorama desktop, head to 'Help & support' > ‘Business and admin’ > ‘Panorama year end’ > ‘Transaction cut-off dates’. Download your copy of the EOFY guide. 


Are there any tips that my clients and I may find useful, with end of financial year approaching?

It is important to be aware of transaction cut off times for contributions, asset transfers and other transactions to ensure they are processed prior to 30th June, along with estimated statement release dates.

Furthermore, due to the annual pension calculation taking place each year on the 1st of July, ad-hoc pension and lump sum payments are unable to be made for typically the first 10 days of the month.

More information is found in Help & Support > Business & Admin > Panorama Year End.


How do I view closed or pending closure accounts through my online access?

Closed or pending closure accounts won’t be visible when inputting the details in the main search bar on the ‘Clients & accounts’ page. To view these accounts select the filter icon, untick all parameters and click update, the result will be a list of all active and inactive accounts and the search bar will allow you to search accounts individually. You can also select ‘Closed accounts’ as a filter if you want to view a list of all closed accounts.


What forms of identification are required to open a BT Panorama account?

Depending on the type of BT Panorama account being opened, identification requirements can differ in line with AML/CTF purposes. To understand the different requirements and instructions for each account type, navigate to Help & Support > Managing Your Clients > Proof of Identity.

How do I obtain revenue and commission statements for our adviser practice?

Revenue and commission statements on a business level are only able to be obtained by an individual with ‘Dealer Group Manager’ access via the BT Panorama desktop by navigating to the ‘Business’ tab and then ‘Tax Invoices’. If you do not have this access, you should consult an authorised representative from your dealer group.


Business & Admin

Where can I find more information regarding the year-end tax deduction or credits that have been applied to my client’s BT Panorama Super accounts?

When the fund completes the annual tax return a calculation is performed for the fund as a whole and any final tax adjustments for that financial year are made and allocated to client’s accounts. Factors that are considered in this calculation include but not limited to capital gains or losses, investment income (received or accrued) and concessional contributions. For more information refer to the BT Panorama Super & Tax Guide located in Help & Support>>>Business & Admin>>>BT Panorama Year End.

Year end

What notifications are received by the adviser and investor and how are they received?

Panorama gives you the visibility to see what’s happening with your clients’ accounts to help you manage your business more efficiently. You can view the notifications sent directly to you, as well as notifications Panorama has sent directly to your clients.

Notifications are either sent to the Message Centre (located in the top-right corner of Panorama Online) or to your nominated email address. Supporting users will have visibility over these online notifications only and can view these in their Message Centre.

For a full list of what notifications are sent to advisers and investors head to Help & Support>>>Business & Admin>>>Online and email notifications

holding types

I’m having trouble logging into BT Panorama, how do I get support?

There is a great tool “Forgot Username” which can help users self serve their username if they are unsure. If your customer uses the “Forgot password” tool and it comes up with an error, it is most likely their username is incorrect so please refer them back to the “Find Username” self serve option. Also, if you are a Westpac customer, have previously been a Westpac customer or hold a Westpac product – the login details for Panorama will be your Westpac Online Banking details.

Notifications are either sent to the Message Centre (located in the top-right corner of Panorama Online) or to your nominated email address. Supporting users will have visibility over these online notifications only and can view these in their Message Centre.

For a full list of what notifications are sent to advisers and investors head to Help & Support>>>Business & Admin>>>Online and email notifications

trouble logging in

How long does it take to process the BT Panorama fee consent form?

If the fee consent request is received by our Customer Service Delivery team within five business days before the end of the month, with all the required information provided correctly, we’ll process the request before the month ends. In the unlikely event there’s any complete fee consent request received in time but not processed by the end of the month, the correct effective date can still be used.

Is there a guide that indicates the types of requests or forms that can be sent by email or post to the BT Customer Relations team?

We have a guide detailing whether a particular request or form can be submitted via email, post, online or via calling the Customer Relations team and what additional documentation is required. You can find the guide in the ‘Help & support’ section on the BT Panorama desktop by selecting the following options: ‘Business & admin’ > ‘Guides’ > ‘Digital Signatures’. 

monitor panorama

Why can’t my client’s account be added to a related fee group for reduced admin fees?

Only accounts on the BT Panorama pricing outlined in the PDS are eligible to be included in related fee groups. If your client has been migrated from BT Wrap and they’ve retained the fee structure or any fee exemption (e.g., custodial HIN fee) they had prior to migration, their account isn’t eligible to be added to a related fee group. You can change an account fee structure to the BT Panorama pricing outlined in the PDS by completing the Change Administration Fee Rates form located in the ‘Help & support’ section on BT Panorama. Find the form by clicking on the ‘Help & support’ section on your BT Panorama desktop and then in the search bar, type ‘Change administration fee rates’.

How do I update my client’s primary and secondary contact details?

For changes to the primary contact's mobile phone number and email address, the client must call us on 1300 881 716 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 6:30pm Sydney time). Other changes, such as address, can be made online.

Hint: Any secondary contact details on BT Panorama online with a pencil icon next to them, means you can edit and update them online on behalf of your client. 

How do I provide account access for a member of my team?

If you’d like a team member to have access to your client accounts, they will need to be given the appropriate permissions. They can only access client accounts under the adviser or dealer group they are linked to. Your Dealer Group Manager can provide access by logging into BT Panorama and entering the required details. More information is available by clicking on the help and support section on your BT Panorama desktop and then selecting: Business admin -> Admin, users & permissions -> Users and business entities.

Provide account access for a member

How do I check my client’s rollover status?

You can find out the status of a rollover request on BT Panorama online. How? On the left-hand side menu when you’re viewing a client’s account, you’ll see ‘Rollovers and contributions’. Once submitted the task will move through three stages:

  • Submitted - successfully submitted
  • In progress - sent to the other fund
  • Received - the funds have come in

Once the rollover has been received into the account, you’ll see this in the transaction history. 

How do I check my client’s rollover status?

Why can’t I claim the full amount of personal non-concessional contributions made for that financial year?

Special rules apply if you made a withdrawal or rolled over part of your super during the year.

Panorama will no longer hold a contribution, or at least a part of it, if the member has chosen to rollover or withdraw a part of their super account held by Panorama. In such a case, a notice of intent cannot be given for the entire contribution.

A valid notice of intent will be limited to a proportion of the contribution that remains after the rollover or withdrawal. The proportion remaining is calculated by taking the tax-free component remaining and multiplying by the contribution, then dividing this by the tax free component of the interest before the rollover.

More information is available on the ATO website.

payment and deposits


What are the types of beneficiaries available on BT Panorama Super?

BT Panorama Super offers three different beneficiary nomination types:

- Trustee Discretion
- Non-Lapsing
- Automatic Reversionary

For more information on the key differences between each beneficiary nomination type and how to amend a nomination, head to Help & Support>>>Manage Beneficiaries.

Manage beneficiaries

What does it mean if I have received an alert notification that a BT Panorama Super client has breached the investment holding limit for one of their holdings?

Each quarter the trustee monitors the BT Panorama Super accounts to ensure that the value of a holding does not exceed the investment holding limit plus the limit buffer for the investment option. This is applicable to any investment option where an investment holding limit applies, as a percentage of the total value of your account.

If the portfolio percentage weight of a holding exceeds the investment holding limit plus the limit buffer, the adviser will be notified. A breach does not constitute having to sell down the holding, the client will just not be able to further add to their existing holding and these limits are reviewed frequently by the trustee.

You can review clients that have breached an investment holding limit under Business>>>Investment Breaches. 


How can I transfer a BT Panorama Super or Pension (TTR - taxed) account to a full pension account when a condition of release has been met?

To convert a TTR account to full pension the Super Condition of Release form is required, obtainable in Help & Support.
If the client reaches age 65, we will automatically convert the client’s TTR to full pension.

A TTR account that has converted to full pension will display as BT Panorama Super or Pension (TTR - retirement) on the Panorama UI.

My client has a Panorama Super Term Allocated Pension (TAP) account, where can I find more information on how this product operates on Panorama?

TAP accounts migrated from BT Wrap and the product is now closed to new investors. Information on payments, Access to Capital (Commutations), Taxation and more regarding TAP accounts is available on Panorama through Products>>>About Panorama>>>BT Panorama Super>>>Panorama Super Term Allocated Pension - Terms of a Category.

term of category

Can my client make a withdrawal from a pension account while it’s in pre-commencement phase (accumulation)?

When a pension account is in the pre-commencement phase, no pension payments or lump sum withdrawals can be made. The pension must be commenced first before a withdrawal can be actioned.

Learn more by logging into BT Panorama desktop and selecting the following options: ‘Help & support’ > ‘Products & investments’ > ‘Commence pension’.

man with laptop

Why has my client’s monthly tax instalment on their BT Panorama Super account increased slightly?

The increase in monthly tax instalments can be due to the following:

  • The PAYG instalment rate has recently been increased by the ATO from 3.0% to 4.6%.
  • For BT Wrap migrated customers, Personal Tax Deductions are now captured as part of the PAYG instalment income on BT Panorama. This wasn’t the case in BT Wrap.

The recent PAYG instalment deduction in September covers the income from 1 July 2021 to 31 August 2021. 

It’s also important to note that PAYG instalment frequency is generally monthly in BT Panorama as compared to quarterly in BT Wrap .

More information about PAYG instalments is available on the ATO website or in the ‘Panorama Super & Tax Guide’ which you can access from the BT Panorama desktop by clicking on the ‘Year end’ tile on the homepage and scrolling down to ‘Guides’> ‘Panorama Super & Tax Guide’.

man with laptop

My client’s employer requires the ‘Complying Fund Statement’ so the SG contributions can be paid to my client’s BT Panorama Super account.

The ‘Complying Fund Statement’ is inside the ‘Choice of super fund’ form located in the ‘Forms’ section under 'Help & Support'. Find the form by clicking on ‘Help & support’ and selecting ‘Forms’ and scroll down to the ‘Super’ section to find the ‘Choice of super fund’ PDF.

computer screen

How to manage pension accounts

For your convenience we have created a video on how to commence & manage pension accounts which also includes how to set up a drawdown strategy:

Additionally, a full training course on using BT Panorama for Super/Pension is available on our online training hub. Register for the hub for the hub then you can navigate to the Super Pension training.

Tips and Hints Managing pension payments

What is the fastest way to move a client from accumulation to pension phase?

When a client on BT Panorama Super is looking to move their super accumulation account in full to pension phase, there is no requirement to open a new pension account and transfer the client’s assets. Instead, there is a much faster and easier way, which is to simply change the client to pension phase in their existing Panorama Super account. This can reduce the time required to commence a pension by up to 4 weeks. You're able to change your client's Panorama account between other phases such as:

  • Accumulation phase to transition to retirement phase
  • Transition to retirement phase to pension phase, or
  • Pension or Transition to retirement phase back to accumulation phase

Refer to our Help & Support section on the Panorama desktop, click on forms, refer to the super section & download the Full transfer within Panorama Super form. Once you complete this form and your client signs it, simply email the form to:

Can my client transfer the assets in a migrated pension account to another pension or super account?

Due to BT Wrap not retaining the cost base of your client’s holdings in a pension account, an asset transfer from a migrated pension account to a BT Panorama pension or super account cannot be done. However, a cash rollover option is available. To find out how this works, go to ‘Help & support’ on BT Panorama desktop and then select ‘Products & investments’-> ‘Super’ -> ‘Manage rollovers.’

I’ve requested a full transfer within BT Panorama Super for my client, nominating the following condition of release on behalf of my client: ‘I have ceased a gainful employment arrangement on or after reaching age 60.’ Why can’t the full transfer be processed?

When nominating this condition of release, it’s important to note any contributions and investment earnings made in the account after the date your client has ceased employment won’t be accessible in the pension phase until they meet the same condition of release again, or one of the other conditions of release. Until then, the remaining balance must remain in either an accumulation or transition to retirement pension account. This means if there’s any new contribution to or income earned by the account after the date of employment cessation, a full transfer within BT Panorama Super cannot be actioned.

What references should my clients use when making a contribution by EFT?

The table outlines the references for all contribution types made via EFT. It’s important to always use the right reference so that a contribution error does not occur. When making a downsizer or CGT exemption contribution, the ATO form must be received by the BT Panorama team first before the funds are transferred. The contribution references are available on BT Panorama, go to ‘Help & support’ on BT Panorama desktop and then select ‘Products & investments’-> ‘Super’ -> ‘Manage contributions’ -> ‘About biller codes & bank accounts.’

Contribution Type Reference
Super Guarantee Employer
Personal Contribution Personal
Spouse Contribution Spouse
Personal Injury Contribution Personal Injury
CGT Contribution – Retirement Exemption CGT Retirement
CGT Contribution – 15 Year Exemption CGT 15 Year
Downsizer Contribution Downsizer
Super Rollover Rollover


Can I categorise payments and deposits for my client’s SMSF account?

As long as the account is not linked to an external account software and the account holders have the member role assigned, SMSF account Payments and deposits can be categorised.

More information is available in Help & Support>>>Products & Investments>>>Categorise SMSF payments & deposits.

If the account holders are not set a member then the manage signatories and associated entities form needs to be completed, take a look in Help & Support for details.

holding types

Managed Portfolios

Where can I find the Target Market Determinations (TMD) for managed funds and portfolios?

You can find the TMD for a particular managed fund by logging into BT Panorama, selecting the following options: Products>Managed Funds>Investment Options and then searching by the fund name, or APIR code. The TMD will be displayed on the page alongside the PDS and profile of the managed fund.

The TMD for BT managed portfolios has been created at a ‘scheme level’, so there’s one TMD that covers all the managed portfolios issued across BT Panorama. Find the TMD from the BT Panorama desktop by selecting the following options: Products>Managed Portfolios>BT Managed Portfolios> Overview> Target Market Determination.

man with laptop

Annual & tax statement releases

Where can I find information on annual & tax statement releases?

You can find information on annual & tax statement releases by logging into BT Panorama and click on the Year end tile on your homepage. There you’ll find the year end calendar outlining estimated statement release dates along with useful tax and statement guides.

To view the BT Panorama transaction cut-off dates for this financial year end, from the BT Panorama desktop, head to 'Help & support' > ‘Business and admin’ > ‘Panorama year end’ > ‘Transaction cut-off dates’. Download your copy of the EOFY guide. 


annual tax statements

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