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Reduce client servicing costs

Cut down the time you spend on administration and let technology transform the management of investment portfolios, SMSFs, super and insurance. BT Panorama is an award winning* wealth management platform offering a range of solutions. Watch our video to learn more. 

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Advisers who use the Record of Advice (RoA) functionality1

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Managed Accounts

Lower operational costs with back book efficiencies and provide transparency of client's investments, with BT Managed Accounts.
  • Managed portfolios, choice of over 113+ portfolios with different investment styles and asset classes. 
  • Tailored portfolios - create, monitor and manage portfolios in a customisable solution. 
  • Adviser models - simple and efficient portfolio construction solution that allows you to set up and manage model portfolios.

Read the full list of available solutions. 

Portfolio Construction

Save time while providing clients with transparency and visibility of their investments

Choose from a full range of portfolio construction solutions, depending on:

  • the level of discretion that you have over your client’s investments; and
  • the extent to which you want to centralise the management of your clients’ portfolios.
Graph showing portfolio construction solutions ranging from high to low centralisation for management for investors, advisers or licensees and investment managers..

With the addition of adviser models to the suite of portfolio construction solutions, BT Panorama offers:

  • online (digital) consent;
  • integrated Records of Advice (RoAs) to financial planning software (Iress Xplan); and
  • periodic rebalancing.

Learn more about portfolio construction

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Investment Trends award for Best Client Portal

Go Mobile with BT Panorama

  • Ability to drill down into more detail for market information on shares and more

  • New intuitive search functionality allows you to access information quickly 

  • Ability to drill down into more detail for market information on shares and more

  • Buy, sell and track orders for term deposits, managed funds, managed portfolios and listed securities (where applicable)

  • Send consent requests, view your clients' cash account summaries, and make payments to existing accounts on their behalf, where authorised

  • View messages and alert notifications

Mobile screens

Did you know?

2/3 of clients would like to keep interactions with their adviser entirely online2. BT Panorama's digital consent workflow can help streamline the approval process for a range of actions. 

Watch the digital consent workflow in action (1:44)

All on one platform

Investments, Super, SMSF and Insurance solutions all in one place. 

BT Panorama Investments is a comprehensive investment offer for your investment and SMSF clients, delivering efficiency, simplicity, choice and flexibility. Watch the video to learn more.

BT Panorama Super brings you the investment and portfolio management benefits of BT Panorama Investments with integrated insurance, reporting and compliance management features. Watch the video to learn more.

Compact and full menus

The BT Panorama architecture is flexible to support clients’ needs ranging from simple to complex by offering the choice of either a compact or full menu.

Managed portfolios BT CMA ASX listed securities Managed funds
Term deposits
Compact menu

Full menu


Current as at 8/05/2020

Connecting with accountants

BT Panorama supports secure sharing of information with a client’s accountant by providing:

  • Read only access to view tax statements and generate on-demand reports
  • Access to direct data feeds
  • Connection to SMSF accounting software so advisers and clients can view externally held assets and other important SMSF information

Insurance Options

BT Panorama provides a selection of compliant, best in market insurance offers allowing you and your clients to select the insurance cover most suitable to meet their needs.

Transparent Pricing

Administration fees for BT Panorama Investments and BT Panorama Super

  • Asset-based fee             0.15% p.a. for account balances up to $1million, capped

  • Account based fee        $540 p.a. Full menu
                                          $180 p.a. Compact menu 

BT Panorama accounts can be combined with those of family members to potentially reduce the asset-based administration fees paid.

Note: Effective 1 April 2020 and until further notice, the transaction account balance will be temporarily excluded from the calculation of the administration fee payable on the transaction account portion of account.

Pricing is subject to change. Other fees and costs apply, including Cash Account fees, expense recoveries and brokerage fees. Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement or other disclosure documents for more information on fees and costs.

BT Panorama admin fee calculator screenshot

Compare BT Panorama administration fees

A guide to compare administration fees of BT Panorama to another platform. 

BT Panorama admin fee calculator screenshot

Calculate BT Panorama administration fees

Estimate BT Panorama administration fees if your clients have one or more accounts.

Sustainable Investing

Visibility of environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings may help clients make choices about sustainable investing. Learn more.

Digital Consent

Reduces the time and effort involved for you and your clients when implementing their investment strategies. Learn more.

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*Awards are opinions only and are not recommendations and are only one factor to be taken into account when deciding to acquire, dispose or hold interests in BT Panorama. Awards are current at the time of publication but are subject to change.

1.  Number of advisers who have Managed Accounts and use Record of Advice (RoA) functionality are for BT Panorama only and are reported as at the month of February 2022. Adviser visits to the logged in section of the BT Panorama app from 1 Oct 2021 to 28th Feb 2022 and sourced from Adobe Analytics.

2. KPMG ‘Post-COVID-19: Insurance and wealth sector consumer trends’ report, 2020