Rapidly changing technology has prompted a shift in the expectations that clients have of their financial adviser. Calls for greater transparency and involvement have been responded to successfully by advice practices pursuing new ways to connect with clients, including embracing digital methods of engagement1.

Digital engagement is a Panorama feature and one that is well demonstrated with our digital consent and digital ROA functionality. 

The solution – BT Panorama’s digital consent workflow

Panorama can help with our innovative digital consent capability which supports both the digital provision of support documents as well as the ability for clients to quickly and easily provide their consent via digital channels.  

It’s more than just a digital signature…it’s a digital consent workflow that assists in seeking, receiving and then executing client instructions. 

Clients can provide consent for a range of actions including:

  • Setting up nominated bank accounts, BPAY, or ‘Pay anyone’ accounts
  • Investment transactions
  • Corporate actions


  • Save time - by minimising client follow-up (e.g. when overseas or on holidays) and reducing paperwork and double handling

  • Reduce risk – including errors and timing risks impacting portfolio rebalancing

  • Service more clients - by reducing unnecessary face-to-face meetings


  • Transparency – the client can feel more involved through better visibility of the process

  • Evidencing value – it’s easier for clients to see the value you're adding, helping build a stronger adviser/client relationship

  • Create and save your consent request

  • Prepare supporting documentation online

    • Create your own digital Record of Advice (RoA) using your RoA Licensee template or our default template
    • Attach to your request, along with any other supporting documents
  • Request consent by email, SMS or both

    • Choose how to contact your client
    • Set an expiry date
    • Schedule an automatic reminder email
  • Client receives request and responds online

    • Your client logs onto BT Panorama using their desktop or the award-winning2 BT Panorama mobile app which gives them access anytime, anywhere  
    • Views the ‘Consent requests’ page which displays any pending requests
    • Reviews the consent request details which may include an RoA and other supporting documents
    • Authorises online
  • Response received digitally and transaction executed automatically

    • You receive notification that your client has responded
    • In the case of, say, an investment order, you have the choice of either automatic or manual submission
  • Upload of consent/advice documents

    • RoA documents and other advice documents are automatically uploaded to your client’s document library on Panorama
    • If you use Iress Xplan, and you’ve set up auto data feeds from BT Panorama, the daily data feed also includes digital consent information e.g. date, time, who provided consent as well as the RoA and other associated documents

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1. The findings in the BT Financial Practice of the Future Report are based on 345 valid responses to the 2018 Investment Trends Planner Business Model Report. This quantitative survey was conducted in May 2018 and published in June 2018.
2. BT Panorama won ‘Best Mobile Platform’ in the Investment Trends 2019 and 2018 Platform and Competitive Analysis and Benchmarking Report and won ‘Planner Satisfaction with Mobile Access & App’ in the Investment Trends 2020, 2019 and 2018 Planner Technology Report.

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