Access our new practical and engaging training courses to help you get the most out of BT Panorama. This training is delivered on our new interactive training portal that allows you to complete courses in a logical sequence and track your progress along the way.

BT Academy gives you access to the latest podcasts, practice insights and whitepapers, market news and eligible CPD events to keep you up to date.

Access a comprehensive list of forms, product disclosures and other resources to help you get the most out of our products and platforms. 

Fast access to BT Panorama support

If you have questions as you perform certain tasks or actions on BT Panorama for the first time we have a program of help and support options available that will help you skip the call centre queue and get up and running on Panorama as quickly as possible.

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Portfolio valuations

Visit the migration hub for the latest updates and resources you need as we prepare to migrate to BT Panorama.

As we work towards migrating to BT Panorama, we will keep you informed of all the latest updates and announcements.

View the latest frequently asked questions about the proposed migration.

Login to BT Panorama and click on the Year end tile on your homepage to access useful resources to help you prepare for year end.

Prepare for year end with our dedicated adviser year end resources. 

Here you will find helpful information to help you work with your clients in the lead up to 30 June and beyond.

Prices & performance

Prices and performance for BT investment and superannuation products - includes unit prices, distributions, management costs, interest rates, fund performance and more.

Fee calculators

We’ve introduced new pricing offers across each of our BT Platforms. Try our administration fee calculators today.

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