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Enhance knowledge when implementing and managing pension payments, income distribution, cash strategies

BT is pleased to invite you to an exciting new training and education session designed to equip you with the latest knowledge on strategies for effectively managing Pension Payment, Income Distribution, Cash Strategies, and Recontribution Strategies in the new financial year.


Pension Payment Management: for managing pension payments, including tax implications, minimum payment requirements, and best practice when implementing strategies on BT Panorama

Income Distribution Strategies: explore various ways on managing income distribution in July tailored to the needs and objectives of different clients & what best practice looks like when implementing strategies on BT Panorama

Cash Strategies: gain insights into effective cash management techniques, including optimizing cash flow, identifying best methods for implementation on BT Panorama

This training session is conducted by professionals with extensive knowledge and practical experience in the field on support & implementation. It will provide you with valuable insights, practical tips, and real-life case studies when implementing with BT Panorama.

Drive efficiency with digital consent

2/3 of clients would like to keep interactions with their adviser entirely online1. BT Panorama's digital consent workflow can help streamline the approval process for a range of actions. 

Watch the digital consent workflow in action (1:44)

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1 KPMG ‘Post-COVID-19: Insurance and wealth sector consumer trends’ report, 2020