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Access online tax and investment reports and integrate with your accounting software to improve efficiency and see a client's whole of wealth view.

With dedicated accountant access and a secure document library, you and your clients have one place to share and store important information, from anywhere, anytime.

BT Panorama provides your clients with an investment framework and access to over 2,400 investments to build and manage a diversified SMSF portfolio.

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1. One place for SMSFs

  • One place for you and your clients to view and track all fund information, saving you time and giving your clients the tools they need to stay compliant.
  • Ability to upload external assets, giving your clients a whole of wealth view, all in one place.
  • A place for you and your clients to collaborate and securely store and share information.
Portfolio valuations

2. Our SMSF technology talks to yours

  • Seamless data feeds to your SMSF administration software, supporting practice efficiency and up-to-date accounting.
  • Real-time integrations with Class Super and BGL SimpleFund 360 to simply keep track of contributions, pensions and other important SMSF information.
  • You and your clients can access a whole of wealth view with the ability to incorporate any external assets such as property, manually or automatically from supported SMSF administration software.
Portfolio valuations

3. Growing the SMSF portfolio

  • It's easy for your clients to expand their investment options or build out a diversified super portfolio with access to Panorama Investments. 
  • Your clients can have access to an integrated cash account, over 2,400 ASX listed securities and a broad range of professionally managed investments from Australian and Global investment managers.
Growing your SMSF portfolio

4. Helping your SMSF clients stay on track

  • Dedicated accountant access allows both you and your client complete visibility of the account at any time.
  • Our secure online document library is one place for you to store, share and access important fund information. You can add a date stamp, flag documents for audit and share them with your client or their adviser.
  • Online access on any device so your clients can stay on top of their SMSF on their mobile, tablet or PC. 
Stay on track

5. Tax time made easy

  • Year-end process made simple with online tax and investment reporting.
  • Easy access to generate a range of up to date investment reports including, portfolio valuation, asset allocation, performance tracking as well as tax information, making the year end process simple for you and your clients. 
Tax time made easy

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