From 1 October 2023, Westpac’s Private Portfolio and Aspire business closed with all consenting accounts transferred to Mercer Investments (Australia) Limited (Mercer) (ACN 008 612 397) on this date.

No other BT products were impacted by this transfer.

The BT Managed Accounts Portal (https://​ will continue to provide access to BT Private Portfolio and BT Aspire historical reporting for all accounts up to 31 December 2024.

BT Private Portfolio and BT Aspire reporting available through the BT Managed Accounts portal up to this date will be:

  • Quarterly reports / statements up to the period ending 30 September 2023, and
  • Annual statements up to the period ending 30 June 2024.

If your BT Private Portfolio account was transferred to Mercer
For all accounts transferred to Mercer, you will be able to access information on your account at or by calling Mercer on 1800 960 311.

If your BT Private Portfolio or BT Aspire account is closed and you require additional information
Westpac has entered into an agreement with Mercer (Australia) Pty Ltd to provide support services for clients whose accounts were closed prior to 1 October 2023. Mercer can be contacted on 1800 960 311 or via email at

All other BT products
If you hold a BT account in another product that has remained with BT, please continue to call BT’s Panorama Customer Relations team on 1300 881 716 or BT Retail investments on 132 135 from Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5.30pm (Sydney time).

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