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15 Dec 2023
In October 2023, BT hosted Australian financial advisers on a study tour of the United Kingdom. The five-day trip included meetings with a range of advisers, investors and industry bodies. Below you’ll find a series of short articles and podcasts which dive into some of the key themes that emerged from the trip.

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24 May 2022
What is the intersection between the Code of Conduct and managed accounts? How can managed accounts help make an advice practice more compliant? And what happens if it costs more? Can it still meet best interest? In this session Bryan Ashenden, BT’s Head of Financial Literacy and Brett Sanders, CEO of Philo Capital Advisers will explore the role managed accounts can play in helping advice practices stay compliant and why you may have a problem if you’re not thinking about it.
01 Jun 2022
The cost of providing advice continues to increase. Accordingly, advice practices are looking to solutions such as managed accounts to deliver efficiencies and manage growing cost pressures. Many of those that make the transition to managed accounts have never been more satisfied – how have they done it? There’s much to be learned from practices who have been through the journey, and in this session, you’ll hear firsthand how other advisers have successfully transformed their practice and strengthened client relationships by adopting managed accounts.
09 Jun 2022
There is general acceptance these days of the role managed accounts can play in driving efficiencies in advice practices but how does that play out in terms of your acquisition and succession goals? This session will explore the commercial impacts of introducing managed accounts to your practice and reframe how to think about business growth. Plus, you will hear firsthand how one advice practice has successfully driven commercial outcomes for their practice by adopting a managed accounts model.