Whitepaper: Five to thrive


Download our whitepaper containing five simple but powerful strategies to help advice professionals build resilience to business and personal stress from Kamal Sarma, an expert in the field of resilience.

Kamal is the founder and CEO of Rezilium, a strategic leadership firm that delivers customised resilience programs to a range of organisations. He is currently Chairman of the R U OK Conversations think tank, which takes research and turns it into practical tools. He is also the co-founder of a not-for-profit venture, Captivate the Future, which aims to build confidence, resilience and self-esteem in high school students through public speaking.

In Kamal's view, "To become a financial advice professional, you’ve no doubt spent many years filling your mind with knowledge. Yet you may have only spent little if any time learning how to keep your mind well, resilient and healthy. But it’s not too late. There are simple strategies that you can use to help build this resilience and once you know how to use them, you’ll be better placed to thrive, even in the most challenging (and stressful) of times."

Download your copy of "Five to thrive".


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