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Now you can skip the queue on the phone and promptly get updates on your service requests.

You can now use BT Panorama to track certain service requests you submit to us.

The service request tracker gives you visibility of service requests (for example, select forms, Centrelink schedules) you have sent to us and what their status is. We ran a pilot with support staff and from our findings, we estimate large* practices saved between 8-10hrs worth of work per week. They also said it was simple and easy to understand.

We are also planning future enhancements which will include an upload facility for forms and then later digitisation of some forms.

Here are some handy tips for using the service request tracker

Please allow at least one day for your form to appear in the tracker and you will be able to view the number confirming that it has been lodged.

There are six categories of forms that you can filter by; account maintenance, applications, deposits and contributions, rollovers and withdrawals, tax and transfers.

You can also filter by ‘attention required’ to see if anything is holding up your request and you will be able to view an expected date for when the request will be completed, based on a current seven day rolling average for that type of request.

The data will be updated every three hours so you will have greater visibility on the status of your requests.

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Find out how to access the service request tracker

To access the service request tracker on BT Panorama, simply navigate to ‘Tracking’ and then ‘Service Requests’ for a business level report along with search, filter, and sorting tools. Alternatively, if you are viewing a specific client account, you can select ‘Service requests’ from the left hand menu.

Hear from some of our practice professionals

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Improving our service experience (2:20)
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Additional information

* Large practices are defined for this purpose as a practice who holds 2800 clients or more on BT Panorama

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