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Adviser numbers have been reducing since 2018 and dropped below 16,000 in October 20221 as many are suffering from ‘change fatigue’ and in desperate need of inspiration and the confidence to implement different business strategies. Yet there are also many firms that are growing from strength to strength, seizing the opportunity to innovate and achieve their business aspirations.

CoreData research2 revealed in January 2022 that there are 660,000 clients in Australia who actively want a new adviser. The time has never been better for advice firms to achieve success, and yet there is little doubt that many of the techniques used to run advice practices in the past will not sustain tomorrow’s firms.

In this handbook, Elixir Consulting summarise techniques and actions they see in resilient businesses that can result in greater success, backed by statistical data gathered from their hands-on experience of coaching advice businesses around Australia since 2007.

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After a period of unparalleled change and disruption for financial planners, the future now looks incredibly bright. We are entering a period expected to have less legislative change, providing more certainty and stability for advice businesses.
There’s an increased demand for financial advice, but are advisers seizing the opportunity? The frustrations of many advisers to efficiently serve more clients is leading many practices to seek new ways to lift their capacity. For this article, we engaged the team at Elixir Consulting to share some valuable insights on effective ways financial advice businesses can increase capacity.
In two recent articles, we have been focussing on sustainable growth for advice businesses as we enter a period of intergenerational wealth transfer. Andrew Inwood from Core Data outlined the risks and opportunities based on research from his firm, as well as lessons we can learn from advice firms in the UK that are further along on a similar journey.


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