Open platform - BT Panorama

  • A simple and transparent administration fee. No additional trustee fees.

  • 50+ managed accounts, 500+ managed funds, ASX listed securities and term deposits. Plus an integrated SMSF offer.

  • A choice of two menus: Compact and Full menus with the ability to group family accounts across both.

  • Establish, trade and manage client portfolios, all on one system – including our broad managed account capability.

  • Easily engage your clients with smart technology – client mobile app, real time reporting, integrated market information and an award-winning app.^

  • Reduce time spent on administration with digital consent, on-boarding and online corporate actions.

Panorama platform shown on a laptop

^BT Panorama - Winner of “Planner Satisfaction with Mobile Access & App”, Investment Trends "Planner Technology Report 2018”. Awards are opinions only, are not recommendations and are only one factor to be taken into account when deciding to acquire or continue to hold an interest in the product.


How do I get access to the new pricing?


Administration fees for BT Panorama Investments and BT Panorama Super

BT Panorama

  • Asset-based fee     0.15% p.a. for account balances up to $1million, capped

  • Account-based fee Full menu     $540 p.a.   or    Compact menu    $180 p.a. 

Pricing is subject to change. Other fees and costs apply, including Cash Account fees, expense recoveries and transaction fees. Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement or other disclosure documents for more information on fees and costs.

BT Panorama admin fee calculator screenshot

Calculate your admin fees

Try the administration fee calculator to estimate whether our new pricing offer can deliver lower admin fees for your clients.

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Book into an online information session

To find out more about BT Open and how to access our new pricing options across the BT platforms, you’re invited to attend any of the upcoming live webinars.

Read more about our BT Panorama Open offer

2. Access for you

The new BT Panorama pricing will automatically be applied to new accounts opened. You don’t need to take any action to have the new pricing applied to these new client accounts.

To register for BT Panorama please fill in the forms below. If you belong to a dealer group that is already registered for BT Panorama you only need to complete the adviser registration form. Otherwise please complete both forms.

Panorama pricing image

3. Access for your clients

Access for new clients - Full menu

The new pricing will automatically be applied to new BT Panorama accounts when they are created. There is no action required of you or your client to obtain the new pricing.

Access for new clients - Compact menu

You can open a Compact account for a client by selecting “Compact” during the account opening process.

We can assist you in transferring any assets into this account once it’s opened provided the assets are available on the Compact menu.

Access for clients with an existing BT Panorama account

The new BT Panorama pricing can be extended to clients whose BT Panorama account was opened prior to 23 July 2018, although the new offer will not be applied automatically.

To have the new pricing offer applied to an existing BT Panorama account please complete this form.

Giving existing clients access to BT Panorama Compact

If you would like to move an existing Panorama client to the new BT Panorama Compact offer you will need to close the client’s existing Panorama account and open a new Compact account. You can ask us to transfer the client’s assets to the new account without selling them down provided the assets are available on the Compact menu.

Want to know more?

Have questions? We’ve answered some of the commonly asked questions here.

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