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New Panorama ID requirements from Nov 2

From 2 November 2021 we'll be asking all advisers, paraplanners and support staff to verify their identity when they register for BT Panorama access.

The type of identification information required for each user includes their:

View the complete list of the required information and acceptable forms of identification.


How this impacts any new Panorama users after 2 November 2021

The application forms used to apply for access to Panorama will have new fields added to them. All new applicants will need to complete these sections, providing the information requested to be registered with a new user ID.

If you use Panorama intermediary access to onboard new users, you can still follow the existing process. We have updated Panorama so that the user will be prompted to provide personal and identification information when they first log in and register, to make the onboarding process as efficient as possible.

  • Residential address
  • Date of birth
  • ID Document details
  • Fill in your form and include any relevant supporting documents.

Do I need to provide identification documents?

If you have been onboarded via Then
Online - Panorama intermediary desktop

Note: this option applies to dealer group agents only
- Input your personal details into the relevant fields on screen only

- There is no need to provide supporting documentation*
Manual form – and you give consent for an electronic identity check - Input your personal details into the relevant sections on the form

- Tick the electronic identity check permission box

- Send us photocopies of the ID that you used on the access form

- When sending us documentation,we recommend using a secured process such as Fileshare or encrypted email. You can learn more about these data protection options here.

Manual form – and you do not give consent for an electronic identity check - Input your personal details into the relevant sections on the form

- Send us certified copies of your ID and the access form via post only - refer to the certified ID guide
for more information

Note: if our electronic identity check is not successful, we will contact you to advise that copies of certified ID must be provided.


How this impacts existing Panorama users after 2 November 2021

Where possible we have sourced personal identification information for existing users. Where we can’t source the information ourselves, we’ll contact individuals to ask them to verify their identity by providing us with their:

  • Residential address
  • Date of birth
  • Occupation
  • Copies* of personal ID documents such as Driver’s licence number or Medicare number.

We’ll communicate directly with impacted users to request their personal information. Those users will also see an online notice when they log onto Panorama.

When will this information need to be provided?

All personal ID information will need to be provided by 28 February. After this date access to Panorama won’t be available to anyone who hasn’t provided all the identification information required.

How can existing users provide the required information

Users who need to provide us with copies of their personal identification information can do so in the following ways:

  • Via the Panorama Desktop: From 2 November, follow the prompts given when logging in to input your ID details.
  • Complete the updated adviser access form, support staff access form or asset administrator access form – available for use from 2 November, this method will require that you send us copies of your ID documents (refer table above for clarification)

How to securely provide information to BT

We understand there are instances where we need you to send us sensitive information such as providing your identity details (for example, within the new adviser access form), and where we require you to send in copies of records such as a drivers licence or medicare card. To securely provide client or personal information to BT you should use one of the following methods so that any personal information is protected.

  1. Fileshare - this is a secure file sharing service accessible via a web browser and allows users to upload and download information and documents.
  2. Encrypted email using software of your choice. Please refer to your software provider for instructions. For more information on how to use Fileshare and email encryption, refer to our data protection guide.