Skip the queue for BT Panorama help

If you or your team have questions on how to perform certain tasks or actions on BT Panorama, there are a number of easy-to-use resources to help you quickly access the information you need, allowing you to skip the call centre queue. 

On-screen help on BT Panorama

BT’s virtual assistant Blue: our chatbot responds to common queries and helps you navigate BT Panorama 24/7.

Click-to-chat: Chat with a BT customer service representative from your computer to get real time answers to your questions.

Online navigation assistance: An interactive tool integrated into BT Panorama to help you navigate step-by-step through key tasks such as how to initiate an asset transfer, or how to amend ongoing advice fees.

To view instructions on how to use the above functions, register for our BT Academy training hub and go to the ‘Navigation on Panorama’ course. 

Register here

Portfolio valuations
  • Session 1 - Tuesday 22 June

    This session covers:

    • Fast track your way to help and support
    • Amending client details
    • Centrelink schedules
    • Linking bank accounts
  • Session 2 - Wednesday 23 June

    This session will cover the Client Investment Functionality:

    • CIS
    • Priority Sell Method
    • Family Grouping
    • Next steps - BT Academy course
  • Session 3 - Thursday 24 June

    This session will cover the transfers within Super:

    • Switching between super/pension phases
    • Account transfers
    • Pension resets
    • Next steps - BT Academy course - coming soon
  • Session 4 - Tuesday 29 June

    This session covers:

    • Onboarding new accounts
  • Session 5 - Thursday 1 July

    This session covers:

    • Advice fee and client consent overview

Complete online training

Register to access BT Panorama courses, delivered on our new interactive training portal and designed to show you how to maximise the benefits delivered by BT Panorama’s functionality.

Here are some examples of the courses you will have access to:
• Navigation for BT Panorama
• Opening new accounts
• Transactions and investments
• Panorama for business

Portfolio valuations

On-demand training sessions

View one of our pre-recorded BT Panorama 'How to' webinars, available on a range of topics. Just click on the name of the session below to view the video.

Navigation for BT Panorama
Opening new accounts
Transactions and investments
Monitoring and reporting
Super and pension
Digital consent with integrated ROA
BT Panorama's SMSF solution
Adviser portfolios
- Changes to advice fees on BT Panorama
Listed security holding options
Cash Investment Strategy

Additional short tutorials are also available here

Portfolio valuations

Of course, our call centre team can help you on 1300 784 207 if you still have questions however the current high volumes of calls are causing extended wait times.