Margin loan interest rates

BT Margin Lending offers both variable and fixed interest rates.

Interest paid may be tax deductible.

Prepaying a fixed interest rate allows you to lock in your interest rate for up to a year and can help you manage your cashflow. The interest paid may also be tax deductible depending on your personal circumstances and subject to the prepayment tax rules.

Tax laws are complex and may change over time, possibly with retrospective application. You should consult a tax specialist or your financial adviser regarding the tax consequences of investing in a margin loan.

See also: Margin Lending LVRs and approved securities lists.


Variable interest

Interest rates are reviewed monthly and are subject to change.

Standard BT Margin Loan 10.27% p.a. (effective 21 November 2023)


Fixed interest

Fixed interest rates effective as of 21 May 2024.

Period Paid in advance Paid monthly in arrears
3 months 9.65% 9.75%
6 months 9.65% 9.75%
9 months 9.65% 9.75%
12 months 9.65% 9.75%
2 Years 9.65% 9.75%
3 Years 9.65% 9.75%
4 Years 9.65% 9.75%
5 Years 9.65% 9.75%


Cash Management Account

BT Investment Gearing Cash Management Account
3.35% p.a.