Thinking about retirement, but not sure where to start? Get tips and information in our Planning for Retirement guide, to help you get started today.

Watch Susan reflect on her successful career change and how becoming mortgage free has helped set herself up for the future she’s always wanted.

Whatever your vision of retirement is, making the most of your retirement years is something worth planning for.

Your approach to superannuation is likely to change as you near retirement. And while your own personal circumstances may influence how you approach super in your 60s, there are still a number of ways to give it a boost before you retire.


Not sure if your super will last the distance in your retirement? Our Super and Retirement Calculator may provide a guide on what income you might have in retirement and how long it might last.

A comfortable lifestyle means different things to different people. Use our calculator to learn more about how much the retirement lifestyle you have in mind might cost.

Use this calculator to see the value of what one less cup of coffee a day, or take-out meal a week, could mean for your retirement savings.

Are you afraid you’ll never be able to retire? Despite the news headlines, a comfortable retirement might not need a balance of $1 million. You could retire with less.

Taking active steps now to boost your super through extra contributions could mean enjoying a better quality lifestyle in retirement. You may also be able to take advantage of tax benefits today. 

If you’re worried that your super balance won’t be enough in retirement, there are a number of ways you could give it a boost. Our video can show you how.

Retirement should be a time when we reap the rewards of our working life, and being able to enjoy your preferred lifestyle calls for some planning.

One of the joys of getting older – apart from wisdom and more free time - is the ability to tap into a whole raft of financial benefits that let seniors enjoy their retirement.