Super products

BT Super for Life is designed for people who want a simple online super account.

BT Super Invest is designed for people who want a wider range of investments for their super.

BT SMSF is designed for people who want to take full control of their super.

Not sure where to start? Find out what type of super may suit you with just a few simple questions, or compare our super solutions.

BT Super for Life

BT Super for Life will change the way you look at your super, conveniently managed online alongside your everyday banking. BT Super for Life offers a range of investment options that evolve with you across key life stages or by choosing your own investment mix.

Features & benefits

  • Manage your super alongside your everyday banking

  • Choose how your money is invested or let us manage for you

  • No commissions, withdrawal or contribution fees

  • Help with tracking down your lost super and transferring it into your BT Super for Life account

BT Super Invest

Super reimagined

What if your super could be a lot more flexible? BT Super Invest lets you design a super account that reflects what you value. Decide where to invest and how much you want to do and leave the rest to be managed by professionals.

Features & benefits

  • Decide how much you want to invest and fine-tune your portfolio as you go.

  • You can choose how involved you’d like to be in managing your investments and take on more or less as you see fit.

  • Invest your money, how and when you want, without the paperwork. You can refine your investments as you go, make the most of opportunities and adjust your long-term strategy when you see fit.

  • You can access a range of investments including shares, ETFs, ready-made portfolios, managed funds and more.


Make the most of your SMSF with access to a wide range of investments, all in one place. 

Features & benefits

  • Diversify your portfolio with access to cash, term deposits, Australian shares, managed funds and managed portfolios

  • Smart SMSF tools to help you stay on track.

BT Funds Management Limited ABN 63 002 916 458, AFSL No. 233724, RSE No. L0001090 (BTFM) is the trustee and issuer of interests in BT Super for Life which is a part of Retirement Wrap ABN 39 827 542 991, RSE R1001327 (Retirement Wrap). BT Portfolio Services Ltd ABN 73 095 055 208, AFSL No. 233715 (BTPS) administers SuperWrap and Panorama Super. BTFM is the trustee and issuer of SuperWrap and Panorama Super, which are part of Retirement Wrap. BT Super Invest is part of Panorama Super.

A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG) is available for each of these products (except for SuperWrap) and can be obtained from the Product Disclosure Statement page. A PDS for SuperWrap can be obtained from your financial adviser. You should obtain and consider the relevant PDS and FSG before deciding whether to acquire, continue to hold or dispose of interests in the relevant product.

AIA Australia Limited ABN 79 004 837 861, AFSL No. 230043 is the issuer of insurance cover offered through BT Super for Life. Further information about the insurance available through BT Super for Life is included in the PDS. Insurance cover through BT Super Invest is provided through BT Protection Plans. BT Protection Plans are issued by WLIS, except for Term Life as Superannuation and Income Protection as Superannuation which are issued by BTFM as trustee of the Retirement Wrap. The insurance is subject to terms and conditions, and limitations and exclusions apply. Please read the BT Protection Plans Product Disclosure Statement to see if this insurance is right for you. This can be obtained by calling 1300 553 764 or visiting​personal/​help/​pds.html.

Superannuation is a long-term investment. The Government has placed restrictions on when you can access your preserved benefits. The Government has set caps on the amount of money you can add to superannuation each year on a concessionally taxed basis. In addition, the Government has set a non-concessional contributions cap. For more detail, speak with a financial adviser or visit the ATO website. There may be limited circumstances where your employer is not required to accept your Choice of Superannuation fund form e.g. if you have already exercised Super Choice in the last 12 months.

Before requesting a rollover, you should consider where your future employer contributions will be paid (if your employer contributions are currently being paid to another fund) and check with your other fund(s) to determine whether there are any exit or withdrawal fees for moving your benefit, or other loss of benefits (e.g. insurance cover), noting that you may not receive the same type or level of benefits after the rollover. You may not be covered for injuries or illnesses that have arisen since you took out previous insurance, and you may lose loyalty benefits.