Building a portfolio

Investors have a vast array of investments to select from. Here we look at what to consider when choosing investments that will reflect your goals.

A relatively safe and secure investment, cash has a rightful place in most portfolios – though it can have downsides.

Further along the risk spectrum, fixed interest securities like government bonds, allow the potential for higher returns than cash, while keeping risk levels lower than other assets like property or shares.

There is more to property than houses and apartments. Discover the different options available and ways you might access them.

Listed shares offer a slice of ownership in a public company, and an opportunity to share in the growth of the underlying business.


Managed investments are one way of accessing any or all of the different asset classes and achieving diversification depending on the investment strategy. Management responsibilities are delegated to a professional investment manager. Managed investments can be useful if you have limited cash to invest.


A structure in which to hold investments rather than a different type of investment, superannuation is specifically designed to help you grow funds for retirement. For most people, super can be taxed at a lower rate than an investment in the same underlying assets outside super.

For help in understanding some of the different investment options available to you, contact us to arrange the type of advice that is appropriate for you

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