Why choose BT?

When it comes to investing, experience matters. BT has been helping Australian investors achieve their goals since 1969. Now we’d like to help you.

A proud history

Since 1969, BT has worked with thousands of Australians, helping each investor prepare for the best.

Today we help thousands of customers find the investment solutions that suit their personal needs, goals life stage and tolerance for risk.

A strong reputation

We are proud of our reputation for delivering the best to our customers, and it’s a reputation built on our expertise across the investment and financial advice spectrum.

At BT, our goal is to help our customers become better investors and we work with them by offering guidance and tips to help them take the financial steps they need to achieve their personal and lifestyle goals.

An extensive choice of products

To help you achieve your goals, we provide an extensive choice of quality investments as well as options like gearing to help you ramp up your returns – if that’s what you choose.

If you prefer a less hands-on style of investing, we also offer a broad choice of professionally managed investments.

A proud partnership

As part of the Westpac Group, BT offers our customers a complete suite of financial products that span the spectrum from everyday accounts to retirement solutions. Our range of support from investment management experts right through to our team of financial advisers means you can rely on us to  to help you prepare for your best financial future.

To discover how BT can help you prepare for the best, contact us
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