BT Super for Life is designed for people who want a simple online super account.

BT Super Invest is designed for people who want a wider range of investments for their super.

BT SMSF is designed for people who want to take full control of their super.

Not sure where to start? Find out what type of super may suit you with just a few simple questions, or compare our super solutions.

We have been investing sustainably at BT for many years, focusing on how we can reduce our impact on society and the planet.

For BT Super and BT Super for Life go to our 'Top up my super' page.

For BT Panorama (BT SMSF, BT CMA Saver, BT Super Invest, BT Panorama Super non-advised) go to our 'Year end help and support' page.

Each year we are required to conduct an assessment of BT’s superannuation products. The results of each assessment can be viewed on the documents and downloads page

Take control of your super today to potentially enjoy a more financially rewarding retirement. By the time you retire, your super could be one of your most valuable assets.

There is a well-known adage when it comes to reaping the rewards of super, which is time in the market, not timing the market. 

Building super can help you enjoy your lifestyle when you retire. However, you’ll need the right strategies to maximise your savings and income.

New to super? Understanding super will help you make confident decisions about your money.

Find all the help you need online with our super online support panel. Forms, user guides and FAQs all in one place.

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