From simple super accounts to the full control of a self managed super fund, BT has the tools to help you track, invest, and grow your super.

A superannuation account that’s integrated with your online banking and is easy to take from job to job. Simple to join, grow, track.

Designed for:
People who want a simple online super account.

Design a superannuation account as individual as you are, with shares, managed funds, ETFs and more – the choice is yours.

Designed for:
People who want a wider range of investments for their super.

One place to access a world of investment opportunities and the power to trade, transact and manage your SMSF on one platform.

Designed for:
People who want to take full control of their super.

If you have super through your employer or an adviser, view our full list of super products

Super that makes it easy for employers to look after their super obligations and gives their employees help with their financial, physical and mental wellbeing.

Designed for:

Businesses looking to provide a default super solution to their employees.

A number of important changes have been made to super rules recently. Super funds can no longer provide insurance cover to members with inactive super accounts – unless they opt-in. And inactive super accounts with balances less than $6,000 will now need to be closed and transferred to the ATO. These changes could impact you.

Share markets around the world have been volatile in recent weeks, so if your super is invested in the Australian and/or international share markets, it’s likely you would have been affected by this.

Learn about superannuation

It's your money and for most people, super is one of the central pieces in preparing for their retirement. Getting to grips with it early will give you greater control and the confidence to make the best financial choices for you.

Here are some simple things you can consider to make sure your super is working harder for you.

Benefits Now is an exclusive program for BT super members. The program offers members a variety of deals and discounts on everyday things from health, fitness, travel, entertainment and banking products.

Take control of your super today to potentially enjoy a more financially rewarding retirement. By the time you retire, your super could be one of your most valuable assets.

If you've changed jobs, done casual or part-time work, moved house or changed your name, then you could be one of the many Australians who have lost track of some super. And now with SuperCheck you can track down any lost super in seconds.

Contributing more money to your superannuation fund now could make a difference to your balance when you retire.

We believe a sustainable approach to investment is fundamental to providing long-term value for our customers. 

Find all the help you need online with our super online support panel. Forms, user guides and FAQs all in one place.

The Easy Rollover tool makes it simple for you to roll over other super funds into your BT Super account. 

Download all the documents you need online. Forms, user guides and FAQs all in one place.

We offer a range of simple super solutions that you can consider throughout your working life and during retirement.

We'll help you build, grow and protect your money. You'll also find insights from BT experts to help you get started.