We’re here to help and support our customers who have been affected by the February/March 2022 flood crisis in NSW and QLD. To support those in need, we’re offering a Flood Assistance Package which provides a 3-month premium waiver period for eligible life insurance customers.

Help if someone manipulates your financial decision-making, or misuses or controls your money, financial resources, or property or assets without your knowledge or consent.

Help for Australians living with severe or high levels of financial stress.

Help in protecting or strengthening your financial independence, managing your finances safely if and when you leave, or rebuilding for a secure long-term future.
Helping Australians living with dementia remain financially independent for as long as possible and be less vulnerable to financial abuse.

If you are experiencing a serious illness or injury, there are ways we can help you manage your finances.

At Westpac, we are committed to helping remote Australian communities prosper and grow. We recognise that remote areas of Australia are home to many Indigenous communities. We have a strong Indigenous banking capability, with specialists who understand that helping Indigenous Australians and businesses to thrive requires respect for culture and community.