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If you have any questions about working with us that you want answered without having to pick up the phone, check out our frequently asked questions below.

How the recruitment process works

Q: What's your recruitment process like?

A: Your best bet is to have a look at our full application process which lists each stage of the process step by step.

Q: How can I make my CV stand out?

A: Keep your CV simple, concise, easy to read and focused on selling your skills. We'd prefer that your CV is no longer than four pages. And of course, make it professional and clearly written with no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or typos.

Q: Can I apply for more than one position?

A: Of course you can, but please keep in mind that to be considered for the positions you should have the relevant experience and qualifications highlighted by the job advertisement.

Q: Will you accept CVs from recruitment agencies?

A: We'll only accept a CV from a recruitment agent if the agency has been formally briefed by one of our Talent Acquisition Consultants. If you think your CV has been submitted without your consent, please call us on 1800 655 592 or email a Talent Acquisition Consultant.

Knowing which role to apply for

Q: The role I'm interested in is full-time but I only want to work part-time. Should I still apply?

A: Definitely. At BT Financial Group all of our roles are flexible, and we are an equal opportunity employer. We support flexible working and recognise that people may want to work flexibly for any reason, and at all levels and ages. So basically that means that every role is open to experienced candidates who are happy to have a discussion around workplace flexibility.

Q: The role I've applied for isn't in the same region that I live in, is that a problem?

A: No it isn't a problem. That's because we think that all roles can be flexible, and that includes location. So we are more than happy for you to apply for an interstate role. After all, work is something you do, not somewhere you go.

Submitting an application

Q: Do I need to be an Australian resident to apply for a position with the BT?

A: You must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, a permanent resident or have a specific Visa when you apply to be considered for a job with us, specific details are outlined here.

Q: Can I send you an updated CV even though I've already submitted my application?

A: Yes, you can just visit the online application portal where you first uploaded your CV and update your details.

Q: How will I know you received my application?

A: You should get an email to confirm that we received your application within 24 hours of you submitting it. Make sure you check your junk mail folder in case it gets moved there. Of course if you haven't heard from us after 24 hours, please call a Talent Acquisition Consultant on 1800 655 592 or send us an email.

Q: I'm having issues with submitting my application, what should I do?

A: In our experience, the most common issue people have is forgetting their username or password. If this is your problem, select the 'Reset your password' link on the application login page and we'll send you your login details. As always, don't forget to look in your junk mail folder when you're checking for the email.

Recruitment time frames and applications status

Q: How long will the recruitment process take?

A: We can't give you an exact timeframe, because every role is different. However we'll try our best to keep you informed about your progress as much as possible.

Q: How can I check the status of my application?

A: You can check the progress of your application at any time using our online tracking system, which you can access via the application login page. Remember, we'll contact you via phone or email so please make sure you keep your contact details up to date and check your junk mail folder. If your contact details change, make sure you update them via the application login page.

Diversity, sustainability and flexibility

Q: I'm keen to read more about your diversity initiatives, where can I find this information?

A: That's great, simply browse through our website to find out more about our diversity and inclusion initiatives as well as our commitment to sustainability and community and our charitable foundations.

ASIC Background Checking and Information Sharing Protocol

Q: Who does this specific Protocol and process apply to?

A: Any Australian Financial Services Licensees (AFSLs) or Australian Credit Licensees (ACLs) seeking to recruit into a role for either a Mortgage Broker or Financial Adviser only.

Q: As a recruiting AFSL or ACL, how do I request a reference when recruiting either a Mortgage Broker or Financial Adviser?

A: For reference requests and enquiries relating to a Westpac or Westpac’s related entities, including Authorised Representatives of Westpac’s AFSLs and ACLs, email us at referenceprotocol@westpac.com.au

Q: What information is required to request a reference when recruiting either a Mortgage Broker or Financial Adviser?

A: Submit a completed Prospective Representative Consent Form or this Consent Form to the above email address, along with your AFSL/ACL details (licensee name and number).  For further information about this Protocol, refer to ASIC’s Media Release


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