Your top questions about planning for retirement


Planning for retirement is something many of us will put off for another day. Perhaps it’s because retirement feels too far away or perhaps it’s because you’re afraid you may have left it too late.

What does this webinar cover?

In this webinar, recorded on 17 August 2022, Tim Howard, BT's technical and strategy consultant, answers the top questions members ask us about planning for their retirement.

Tim also shares some of the online tools and calculators we have available to help members explore this topic. 

Why should I watch it?

You’ll learn about topics including:

  • When can I access my super, and how much will I have?
  • Who is eligible for an Age Pension?
  • How much super do I need to have a comfortable retirement? 
  • How can I boost my super savings?
  • BT’s range of super calculators and how to use them. 

How long do I need?

The running time for the webinar is approximately 60 minutes, however, you can watch as much, or as little, as you’d like.

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Not sure if your super will last the distance in your retirement? Our Super & Retirement calculator may provide a guide on the super balance you might have when you retire and how long it might last.

Whatever your vision of retirement is, making the most of your retirement years is certainly something worth planning for.
Even if you don’t plan to retire until you may be eligible for the Age Pension – there are small steps you can take now to secure your future after work.

Things you should know

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