Superannuation Death Benefits


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As the old saying goes, there are few things in life as certain as death and taxes. While the tax concessions available in superannuation are well documented, in this fortnights BT Academy webinar we are going to focus on the death benefit considerations when it comes to your client’s superannuation.

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18 Jan 2023
Whilst most SMSF trustees choose to invest in traditional assets classes such as ASX shares, physical property and cash, some have a taste for the exotic! Via use of case studies this session outlines the rules and considerations for SMSFs wishing to investment in less commonly held investments including crypto currency, wine, artwork and private unit trusts.
21 Dec 2022

This webinar outlines how and where you can establish a Cash Investment Strategy for your clients, along with further related reporting and how it interacts with other Panorama functionality.

15 Dec 2022
It's an understatement to say that navigating markets is difficult at present. Given uncertainties about inflation, rates and growth, and concerns that share price declines and current valuations don't yet reflect the deteriorating environment, managing money is a tough gig.

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