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It's an understatement to say that navigating markets is difficult at present. Given uncertainties about inflation, rates and growth, and concerns that share price declines and current valuations don't yet reflect the deteriorating environment, managing money is a tough gig.

As recently quoted in the AFR, Australian investors are obsessed with knowing when will the Australian consumer stop spending? Will a housing market crash cause a broader recession in Australia? Can China avoid a hard landing?

While these broader macro issues are important to consider, they are often difficult to predict. These uncertainties present challenges our investment managers must face as they forecast company earnings and manage portfolio risk.

Join us in our discussions with Paul Taylor from Fidelity as we seek his insights on managing Australian Equities portfolios into 2023 and beyond.

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07 Dec 2022
This session focuses on building on your knowledge about the financial aspects of aged care including: Revisiting the various aged care fees, Analysing the aged care means test and its different components, Examining various circumstances and strategies including the expiration of the two-year exemption period of the former home, implications for DVA War Widow(er)’s Pension and where a relative pays the fees on behalf of a resident.
23 Nov 2022

This webinar outlines how and where you can establish a Cash Investment Strategy for your clients, along with further related reporting and how it interacts with other Panorama functionality.

09 Nov 2022
Whilst not halving the dilemma, sharing and discussing ethical issues can go a long way to formulating an approach to deal with the issue. In this session we will start by looking at a range of ethical barriers that, if not identified, can stand in the way of sound ethical decision making. With the use of case studies, we will see that the sound of silence should be ignored in ethics.

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