Superannuation conditions of release


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This session will explore the various ways a superannuation condition of release can be met, with an emphasis on preservation age and age 60. It will also explore permanent incapacity and terminal illness, including considerations on how to best achieve the most tax efficient outcome.

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05 Jul 2023

This webinar outlines how and where you can establish a Cash Investment Strategy for your clients, along with further related reporting and how it interacts with other Panorama functionality.

21 Jun 2023
For our next BT Academy Episode (78) Tim Howard, BT Technical Consultant alongside Tara Sutton Regional Manager for QLD and Kelly Beach Training and Capability Manager will be presenting "Personal Injury and Superannuation" on Wednesday 21 June 2023.
14 Jun 2023
The session will cover a range of insights, examples and practical tips in the session, so attendees can walk away feeling more confident and knowledgeable in connecting with your clients through social and digital media.

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