Driving connections with clients and prospects using social and digital media


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Rachael Dickinson

Please join us for a webinar to discuss how social and digital media can drive connections with your clients and prospects.

The session will cover a range of insights, examples and practical tips in the session, so attendees can walk away feeling more confident and knowledgeable in connecting with your clients through social and digital media.

Hosted by BT's Head of Marketing Rachael Dickinson, this session will cover:

  • an overview on the way end investors consume information has changed
  • the art of storytelling to engage clients and prospects in authentic and meaningful ways
  • tips on how to create valuable and informative content such as blogs, articles, and videos to build trust and credibility among clients and prospects, and
  • the need to measure and analyse social and digital media metrics to track engagement, gauge audience sentiments, and refine future strategies.

Attendees will leave the webinar with actionable steps they can take to enhance their online presence, connect with clients and prospects, and achieve their business goals.

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