Tech Know - How to advise clients in times of pending indexation and proposed legislative change?

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As we move closer toward the end of the financial year, in this podcast we discuss the ongoing proposed change to the bring-forward rule, plus indexation of contribution caps.

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Recent exam results from FASEA have shown there are a large number of advisers still to successfully pass the FASEA exam, but there is still time to make it. And given the current environment, the opportunities for providing advice are increasing.
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This podcast explores how this calendar year has seen global equities drop 35.8% from their pre-pandemic high but have since recovered 52.4%, a drop from the February high of 2.4%.

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Annual consent legislation has received Royal Assent and will apply from 1 July 2021. In this podcast, we explore additional issues that aren’t addressed by the legislation for which clarity is needed for successful implementation of these measures.
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