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The news this week has all been about super.  With the latest super statistics released from APRA and the ATO, the future of super looks great.  But there is still much to be addressed.

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The announced changes to super from the 2021/2022 Federal Budget are over 12 months away from taking effect. But what opportunities could they present to clients if enacted? In this week’s podcast we look at this in more detail, with a focus on the increased ability to contribute to super for longer.
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This podcast explores how this calendar year has seen global equities drop 35.8% from their pre-pandemic high but have since recovered 52.4%, a drop from the February high of 2.4%.

This week the Financial Services Counsel released its Financial Advice Green Paper, which has proposed a number of possible reforms to the way advice is delivered to clients, including changes to the best interests duty and documentation requirements. In this week’s podcast, we sit down with Blake Briggs, Deputy CEO of the Financial Services Council to discuss the green paper and these important issues.
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