Lessons from the BT US study tour

In October 2022, BT hosted ten successful financial advisers on a study tour of the United States. The 2022 BT USA Study Tour revealed many insights into financial planning in the US and Australia, as they met with senior leaders of the US industry and compared notes.

The financial advice industry in America is changing rapidly, and over the past five years there’s been a shift away from transactional services to broader ongoing advice.

The best US firms are growing, adding more services outside of pure investing and increasingly working as a team rather than as a group of individuals.

Here are a few insights and lessons learned by advisers from the study tour:

Successful practices of the future will likely be personalised to the needs of investors, serving them a broader range of solutions.

Work hard to make clients understand that they are paying for the adviser’s time, perspective and coaching and focus conversations on long term goals and values.

Don’t assume that your clients know about all your broad services – it’s not their job to know that list, it’s yours to tell them in case they need those other services at a future date or someone they know does.

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Read more key lessons from the US advice market and how practices can get ahead of the game here at home in our US study tour white paper.

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