BT Investment team’s 2021 Year in Review and 2022 Outlook


Each year the BT Investment team publishes its annual review of the year’s economic and market events that helped shape the return outcomes of our portfolios.

Several key themes dominated economic activity over 2021. The global economy continued its recovery from the pandemic, aided by extraordinary fiscal and monetary policy support. Uncertainty remained high, highlighted by the emergence of the Delta and Omicron variants. Lockdowns and disruptions continued as authorities worked to limit health impacts. 

For 2022 however, we have a mildly constructive outlook for the year ahead, but asset returns, in particular for equities, will likely fall short of 2021’s. Over the longer term, our current 10-year asset class return expectations have fallen post the strong returns seen through 2021 and while equities will continue to provide a positive real long-term return, a rising yield environment and narrowing equity risk premia pose a challenge for investors that expect historical levels of performance from major asset classes to continue.

Download – BT Investment Team 2021 review & 2022 outlook 

Most income streams are sourced from account based pensions and insurance companies (annuities) with the same and concessional tax structure for both.
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