InvestTalk with Travis Grant, Robert O.Abad & Eu Joe Chan


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In this episode, Travis Grant is joined by Robert O.Abad (Western Asset Management) and Eu Joe Chan (BT Investment Team) to discuss inflation, central bank tightening cycle, the impact on markets and investment opportunities as an active fixed interest manager. Robert also takes a deep dive into what neutral rates may look like and what other key risks a bond manager needs to consider outside central banks.

Robert O. Abad, Product Specialist - Western Asset Management Company, LLC

Robert O. Abad is a Product Specialist in Western Asset’s Pasadena office, bringing 33 years of industry experience to the Product Group. He is a member of the Multi-Asset Credit Investment Team, the Global Multi-Sector Investment Team, and the Global Portfolio Team.

Eu Joe Chan – Portfolio Manager – Income & Alternatives, BT Investment Team

Eu Joe is the portfolio manager for Fixed Interest, Credit & Private Market sleeves of BT Investment portfolios. He is responsible for portfolio construction, manager research, and on-going monitoring of investment strategies.

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In this episode, Travis Grant is joined by Nabil Hanano (T.Rowe Price) and Adam Deering (BT Investment Team) to discuss the challenges navigating global equities markets during increased levels of volatility. Nabil takes a deep dive on T Rowe Global Focused Growth Equity Strategy, reiterating the importance of sticking to the process and how to make decisions during a crisis.
In this episode, Tim Mugglestone is joined by Dr Joanna Nash (Realindex) and Martina Yang (BT Investment Solutions) to discuss the benefits that a quantitative strategy can bring to a diversified strategy. Joanna provides some unique insights into the approach taken by Realindex in the Australian Equity environment and provides an outlook for the value based approach.
In this episode of Invest Talk we discuss the Liquid Alternatives asset class and the role it plays in portfolio construction. Tim Mugglestone is joined by Eu Joe Chan – Portfolio Manager in BT’s Income and Alternatives Team. Tim and Eu Joe look at how the asset class has changed over the past decade and its importance as a diversifying element within modern portfolios.

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