InvestTalk with Tim Mugglestone and Dr Joanna Nash


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In this episode, Tim Mugglestone is joined by Dr Joanna Nash (Realindex) and Martina Yang (BT Investment Solutions) to discuss the benefits that a quantitative strategy can bring to a diversified strategy. Joanna provides some unique insights into the approach taken by Realindex in the Australian Equity environment and provides an outlook for the value based approach.

Dr Joanna Nash – Senior Quantitative Portfolio Manager, Realindex

Joanna has 14 years’ quantitative investment experience including senior roles at Acadian, where she was a senior portfolio manager, and Blackrock, where she was a portfolio manager within scientific equities, ran index portfolios and was Head of Sustainable Investment in Australia. Joanna is also a Lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney and at New York University. Joanna holds a CFA accreditation, has a PhD in Economics from Yale University, and was awarded a Fulbright scholarship. She has a Bachelor of Laws and Economics (Honours) from the University of New South Wales.

Martina Yang – Portfolio Analyst, Equities, BT Investment Solutions

As an Analyst within the Equities Team covers responsibilities including contributing to investment manager research, portfolio construction and the ongoing monitoring of the Australian Equities and Property Securities strategies. Martina joined the BT Investment Team through the BT Graduate Program in February 2019, having rotated across various divisions of the wider business. Martina holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Deakin University, Melbourne, with a double major in Accounting and Finance.

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This podcast explores how this calendar year has seen global equities drop 35.8% from their pre-pandemic high but have since recovered 52.4%, a drop from the February high of 2.4%.

With FASEA’s consultation on proposed changes to Standard 3 of the Code of Ethics underway, we look at the options proposed to see whether they deliver the certainty advisers are looking for.
We discuss three recent developments that impact the world of financial advice and financial advising. These are the passage of the Better Advice Bill, the introduction of legislation around the 2021 Federal Budget superannuation announcements, and the current FASEA led consultation on Standard 3 of the FASEA Code of Ethics.

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