Managed Portfolios

BT Panorama’s 'off the shelf' solution, with more than 133 different portfolios, offering a wide range of investment styles and asset classes. 

  • Managed by a specialist investment manager who is responsible for the initial and ongoing asset allocation and stock selection.

  • Trade, manage and view managed portfolios - all in one place. 

  • Daily rebalancing of your clients’ portfolios capturing any changes made by the investment manager.

Licensee Managed Portfolios

Stay in control with licensee portfolios that allow you to create your own portfolios and still access the efficiency benefits of BT Managed Portfolios. 

  • Option to delegate the portfolio construction along with creating and balancing the models to a specialist investment manager.

  • Manage and view your clients’ licensee portfolios - all in one place.

  • Implement a licensee portfolio with a choice of underlying assets that work best for both your business and your clients’ investment strategy*.

*All licensees require a due diligence review and approval. In line with BT Panorama’s available asset classes and categories. 

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Managed portfolios benefits for your business

Create business efficiencies

Streamline the advice and investment management process by implementing managed portfolios across multiple clients, instead of having to manage individual investment portfolios.

With managed portfolios you don’t need to individually research, monitor and trade assets, as your dealer group or a professional investment manager of your choice will do it for you.


Spend less time on admin

No ROA/SOA required for ongoing rebalances within the portfolio, allowing for a more effective and paperless way of working with your clients.

Build stronger relationships with your clients

You can exclude certain assets and use tax optimisation tools to tailor the managed portfolios to better suit individual clients. In addition our BT Panorama mobile app helps drive client engagement delivering portable, easy access to key portfolio information.

Managed portfolios benefits for your clients

Individual tax positions

In respect of BT Panorama Investments, as your clients beneficially own the underlying assets, they have direct access to any franking credits and dividend payments on these assets. They will not inherit any embedded tax positions as may be the case with a managed fund.

Flexibility in structuring individual holdings

By creating your own licensee portfolios your dealer group can select an asset mix that works best for your clients’ overall wealth strategy. You can also individually adjust the asset mix within the portfolio (or have an investment manager do it for you if you have one), through exclusions of certain assets from the portfolio. Clients also have the opportunity to transfer their asset holdings to another portfolio* without triggering capital gains, giving you and your clients more flexibility in structuring their holdings individually.

*Depending on asset class availability in new portfolio.


Rich reporting functionality

BT Panorama’s rich reporting functionality gives your clients the ability to view the positions and performance of all underlying assets in their licensee portfolio at a glance. And with BT Panorama’s mobile app your clients are kept actively engaged with their wealth, even when they are on the go.

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