Why BT for portfolio construction solutions?

BT offers a range of portfolio construction solutions including managed accounts, enabling advisers to save time while providing clients with transparency and visibility of their investments.


Portfolio Construction on BT Panorama

Choose from a full range of portfolio construction solutions, depending on the level of discretion that you are able to exercise in relation to your clients’ investments.

Access a broad portfolio management, investment management and asset management capability through BT and our partners.

Choose a portfolio construction solution that fits your business and your clients, with the flexibility to change as your business or client needs evolve.

Receive technical and implementation assistance and support from our in-house experts.

Model portfolios

A simple, efficient portfolio construction solution that allows you to set up and manage model portfolios – all from your adviser account on BT Panorama.

Model portfolio tools available on Asgard eWRAP and Infinity eWRAP.

Managed accounts

BT Panorama’s “off the shelf” solution, with more than 50 different portfolios, offering a wide range of investment styles and asset classes.

Set your investment offer apart with CoreSeries - a range of six portfolios for advisers and their clients.

Stay in control with licensee portfolios that allow you to create your own portfolios and still access the efficiency benefits of BT Managed Portfolios.

The full DIY solution, with your own MDA licence, using the tools on BT Panorama to build, manage and implement your model portfolios for your clients.

DIY without having to acquire your own MDA licence, using an external MDA provider and the BT Panorama tools to build and manage your model portfolios.

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* BT Managed Accounts and Model Portfolios are underpinned by the fastest growing retail platform in netflows – BT Panorama was the fastest growing retail platform in netflows for the 12 months to June 2019, with $8.2b generated, well ahead of any competitor. Source: Strategic Insight Platform Wrap Report – June quarter 2019. Figures quoted are on a retail platforms (including wraps, platforms and master trusts and excluding corporate super) basis. Refer here for more information.

Speak to a BDM

Find out what's involved in implementing a portflio construction solution into your practice.