Lower Operational Costs

Deliver back book efficiencies with managed accounts. 


Provide transparency and visibility of client's investments.

Range of Managed Accounts

Choose from a range of managed accounts from your adviser account on BT Panorama.

How to construct efficient portfolios with managed accounts

The continuum of portfolio management within BT Panorama, is where the asset management capability lies:

  • At the least centralised and lowest discretion over asset management is the Adviser Structured, Investor Maintained capability where advisers provide structural advice, and the client retains control of investment decisions.
  • The more conventional non-discretionary arrangement that advisers have come to be challenged by the compliance burden today – our intent is to deliver a digital framework for this around portfolio rebalancing through the use of digital consent within the Panorama technology to reduce the overhead costs and timing risk of portfolio rebalancing.  
  • Dealer model SMA that we can build bespoke for your business with normal IRG controls with a professionally managed investment committee and sufficient scale to deliver.
  • Professionally managed which could be one of the menu or find someone to run one for you.
Graph showing portfolio construction solutions ranging from high to low centralisation for management for investors, advisers or licensees and investment managers..

With the addition of adviser models to the suite of portfolio construction solutions, BT Panorama offers:

  • Digital consent
  • Integrated Records of Advice (RoAs) to financial planning software (Iress Xplan) and
  • Periodic rebalancing

Watch our portfolio construction video to learn more

Learn more about BT Panorama's back book efficiencies

BT Panorama effectively becomes your portfolio management back office in a box.  The investment manager is appointed at the front end of the managed account solution, irrespective of who it is, they access the same infrastructure to then execute.  It could be a global asset manager or a single adviser running their own AFSL using the Tailored Portfolio tools.

BT Panorama creates efficiencies with managed accounts which are supported by digital implementation including market news sharing, click to chat, mobile payments and mobile trading.



How have other practices implemented managed accounts?

Download our new discussion paper ‘Managed accounts: insights from financial advice principals’ where advice principals reveal their real-world experience with the managed account model and how to discuss the benefits for your clients and business.

If your clients have a certain risk profile, are needing a retirement income or are in a growth phase, adviser models can create operational efficiencies, reduce risk with rebalancing orders along with providing the needed transparency and visibility of your client’s investments. 

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Find out what's involved in implementing a portflio construction solution into your practice.

Learn more about adviser models


Take a closer look at adviser models, a simple, efficient portfolio construction solution that allows you to set up and manage model portfolios – all from your adviser account on BT Panorama.

What it’s like for you

  • Build model portfolios consisting of cash, listed securities (including ETFs) and managed funds.

  • Create a rebalance order and generate a Record of Advice – with records of the consent and ROA sent directly to Iress Xplan and automatically uploaded to client files (if you choose to).

  • View and manage model portfolios from your adviser account on BT Panorama.

What it’s like for your client

  • Transparency and visibility of their investments via their BT Panorama desktop or mobile app.

  • Consent to rebalance requests can be actioned from their BT Panorama desktop or mobile app.

5 steps to set up a model portfolio

1. Create a model portfolio

create model portfolio

2. Set up automated rebalance instructions

set up automated rebalance instructions

3. Link a client to the model portfolio

link a client to the model portfolio

4. Seek client consent

seek client consent

5. The client consents and the portfolio is actioned automatically

actioned automatically

The adoption of Managed Accounts continues to accelerate, Investment Trends reporting 44% of financial planners use these solutions1. Managed portfolios are an efficient way to provide financial advice across multiple client portfolios and gain access to specialist investment managers within a robust structure.

They also present an opportunity to change the focus on how you provide advice, engage and educate clients. To understand their true benefits for advisers and their clients it's important to understand the different structures that are available to you as an adviser.   

Managed Portfolios 

Managed portfolios also called, SMA's, can work as an “off-the-shelf” or a licensee solution.

They are issued by a Responsible Entity (RE) through a Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) and could be a gamechanger for any adviser looking for efficiency, speed, transparency, and better reporting. 

In addition, set your investment offer apart with CoreSeries – a range of portfolios for advisers and their clients.

Tailored Portfolios

BT Panorama gives Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) providers access to a full range of portfolio management tools called tailored portfolios, to create, monitor and manage their portfolios in a customisable solution.

Choose from a Licensee MDA or 3rd party MDA investment services, where the MDA provider makes the investment decisions and clients consenting to them with and initial SOA, with an annual review as a requirement.

Let's get started

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Investment Trends award for Best Client Portal

BT Panorama

Access a range of tools, information and resources on managed accounts within BT Panorama, watch our portfolio construction video, to learn more. Here are the key highlights:

  • Intelligent design streamlines portfolio construction, maintenance tasks and rebalancing.
  • Manage corporate actions online in one simple process, built into BT Panorama.
  • No ROAs/SOAs required for ongoing rebalances within the managed portfolio option.

Learn more about BT Panorama.

At a glance - explore the efficiency and transparency with Managed Portfolios on BT Panorama.(4:50)

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*Awards are opinions only and are not recommendations and are only one factor to be taken into account when deciding to acquire, dispose or hold interests in BT Panorama. Awards are current at the time of publication but are subject to change.

1. Investment Trends Managed Account Report 2021

2.  Number of advisers who have Managed Accounts and use Record of Advice (RoA) functionality are for BT Panorama only and are reported as at the month of February 2022. Unique Visitors are as of February 2022 for FY22 and are advisers who have logged on to the BT Panorama App. 

3. KPMG ‘Post-COVID-19: Insurance and wealth sector consumer trends’ report, 2020

* BT Managed Accounts and Model Portfolios are underpinned by the fastest growing retail platform in netflows – BT Panorama was the fastest growing retail platform in netflows for the 12 months to June 2019, with $8.2b generated, well ahead of any competitor. Source: Strategic Insight Platform Wrap Report – June quarter 2019. Figures quoted are on a retail platforms (including wraps, platforms and master trusts and excluding corporate super) basis. Refer here for more information.

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