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Our first webinar has a special focus for our Asgard advisers, as we discuss 'Why BT Panorama should be considered in 2024'. 

Key topics:

  • Transitioning to BT Panorama: Get ready for a deep dive into the detail where we’ll shed light on how you can smoothly transition from Asgard to the BT Panorama platform. We’ll share key insights and crucial points to consider when moving your clients between platforms. This isn’t just an upgrade, it’s a strategic move that should be a consideration as part of your annual financial review for Asgard clients.
  • Innovation galore: We reasserted our commitment to innovation throughout the second half of last year. We’re excited to share the latest improvements to our platform, shaped by invaluable feedback from our advisers.  Discover new processes that elevate your user experience and improve efficiency.
  • Platinum service model: We’ll be unveiling our new platinum service model.

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