Slipstream Coaching Webinar Series 2


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Building an ongoing service that clients value (May 2020)

Slipstream is seeing a growing momentum from advisers, and potentially from regulators as well, to move towards annual service agreements.  However, research has consistently shown that delivering a valued ongoing service is a significant challenge in most advice businesses.

It is also the area that consumes the most time and resources.

Given this background, providing clients with an ongoing service that they value year after year will be critical to businesses prospering in the future advice landscape.  This webinar covered four key areas: 

  • (1) The key elements of such a service (much more than just a portfolio review),
  • (2) The people and processes needed to deliver it efficiently,
  • (3) The groundwork that needs to be done to implement it
  • (4) What such a service might be worth to clients.


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BT’s Chris Mather, Head of Distribution, BT Platform, Distribution & Services, recently presented at a Philo Capital Advisors webinar on quantifying the benefits of managed accounts.
Thriving advice businesses focus not just on the quality of advice they give, but on the efficiency of producing it. Slipstream calls this "The Factory" and they believe, like many others in the industry that there is nothing better than seeing a Factory that really hums!

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