Webinar: Project Uplift


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BT and Slipstream Coaching have teamed up to create a Specialist Webinar Series that is focused on delivering best practice ideas and insights to support the needs of your practice. The webinar series is designed to draw on Slipstream expertise in working with advice firms to grow revenue, maximise profit, boost team engagement and help you run an improved version of your business. 

Please join us for our second BT Slipsteam series event; Project Uplift™ on Thursday, 27 May 2021 at 11:00am (AEST) with Sharon McClafferty, CEO of Slipstream Coaching. 

Project Upliftis a proven process to bolster your bottom line and ensure you get paid what you are worth. 

  • How to diagnose if there is a pricing issue in your business.
  • Prework necessary to update the fees for current clients.
  • Tips to implementing a new pricing policy.
  • How to explain the new fee to a client.
  • Case studies of financial planning firms who have successfully implemented a pricing uplift across their entire client base.

This webinar has been accredited with CPD by the FPA.

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