InvestTalk with Michelle Heinrich, Prasad Patkar and Martina Yang


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In this episode, Michelle Heinrich is joined by Prasad Patkar (Platypus Asset Management) and Martina Yang (BT Investment Team) to deep dive our active multi-manager approach to the Australian share asset class and the role Platypus plays in this strategy. Prasad and Martina also discuss how Platypus identify quality growth companies in the concentrated portfolio they run for BT, and how they have tilted in response to the volatile and uncertain environment. Prasad shares several stock stories that bring their disciplined approach to life for investors.

Prasad Patkar

Prasad is a long-standing investment professional, currently Head of Quantitative Investments at Platypus. He joined the team in February 2008 after roles as the CIO for family offices, having responsibility for the performance of all asset classes including listed equities, alternative investments, property, and private equity investments.

Martina Yang

Martina is an Assistant Portfolio Manager within the BTIS Equities Team and focuses on investment manager research, portfolio construction and the ongoing monitoring of the Australian Equities and Property Securities strategies within the Advance Managed funds and the BT Core Series SMAS. She joined the BT Investment Solutions team in February 2019.

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