InvestTalk with BT’s Chief Investment Officer, Corrin Collocott


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In this episode Matt Harvey is joined by BT’s CIO, Corrin Collocott.  Corrin discusses how his background as an engineer has shaped his investment philosophy.  He also reflects on the last 5+ years he has been with BT and some of the key changes he has implemented across the portfolios.  Lastly, Corrin provides his outlook for markets and how he and the team construct portfolios for the long-term.

Corrin Collocott, BSc (Hons), FIAA – Chief Investment Officer

Corrin joined BT Investment Solutions in November 2015 and was appointed Chief Investment Officer in September 2017. Corrin is responsible for the leadership of the BT Investment Solutions (BTIS) Investment Team and the investment management of all BTIS investment products and strategies spanning across Investment, Super, SMA, Model Portfolios and bespoke strategies.

Prior to being appointed in his current role, Corrin was BTIS’ Head of Asset Allocation and was responsible for delivering on the investment objectives for all the BTIS diversified portfolios. His main focus was on the formulation and implementation of strategic asset allocations, along with overseeing the meeting of regulatory requirements, reporting and the preparation of the relevant Board papers containing investment recommendations.

In previous roles, Corrin was Manager - Investment Strategies at Sunsuper where he was responsible for the management of the strategy team and portfolio management of the multi-asset portfolios. He also held a number of roles across a variety of industries including Russell Investment Group, lnTech, MCA NZ Limited, and Watson Wyatt Worldwide.

Corrin has 23 years' industry experience, graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia.

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