When will I receive my annual statement?

Annual Statements are scheduled to be lodged as follows.

Product Dates Statement lodgement dates

BT Super for Life*

  • BT Super for Life – Savings: 28 July - 11 August
  • BT Super for Life – Retirement: 19 July
  • BT Super for Life – Transition to Retirement: 19 July

Available online mid July - early August

Corporate super

  • BT Business Super
  • BT Lifetime Super – Employer Plan

August - October

Personal Super

  • BT Lifetime – Personal Super: 26/27 July
  • BT Classic Lifetime – Personal Super: 21 July
  • BT Retirement Selection – Personal Super Plan: 20 July
  • BT Superannuation Investment Fund: 20 July
  • BT Superannuation Savings Fund: 20 July
  • Westpac Lifetime Super Service: 7 August
  • Westpac Simple Super: 31 July
  • Westpac Personal Super/Investment Fund: 31 July

Mid July – Early August


  • BT Lifetime – Flexible Pension: 13 July
  • BT Classic Lifetime – Flexible Pension: 13 July
  • Westpac Flexible/Variable Income Plan: 13 July

Mid July

General Investments

  • BT investment Funds: 26 July - 2 August
  • BT Investment Choice: 26 July - 2 August
  • Premium Cash: 12 July
  • Classic Investment Funds: 26 July - 2 August
  • Cash Management: 12 July
  • Tax Statements: 2-10 August
  • CGT Statements: 2-14 August

Mid July - August

* Log in to your BT Super for Life account via Internet Banking, and click on ‘Statements’ under “Transaction History”.

When will my Super for Life pension payment be paid?

All withdrawals and pension payments including Transition to Retirement due on and between 1 July to 7 July are to be paid from 10 July. To determine your pension due date, please log in to your BT Super for Life account via online banking and check your pension details.

How do I contribute to my super?

When making contributions please remember to specify whether your contribution is a:

  • Personal (member voluntary) contribution 
  • Spouse contribution 
  • Super Guarantee contribution (employer mandated contribution) 
  • Salary Sacrifice contribution (employer voluntary contribution)

View the Super Choice Contribution forms & Letter of Compliances for all Products.

BT Super for Life (9 digit account number starting with '1')

If you're an employer wanting to contribute to BT Super for Life for your employees, please refer to the table below.

Using EFT Pay Anyone

Account Name: member name
BSB: 262-410
A/C Number: <SFL Account Number>
EFT Description: insert the relevant option from the list below:

  • SG: Superannuation Guarantee 
  • SS: Salary Sacrifice 
  • EA: Employer Additional 
  • MV: Member Voluntary (after tax) 
  • SP: Spouse Contributions 

Please note that if you don’t provide an EFT description your contribution will default to a Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contribution, and a minimum contributions tax of 15% will be applied. 

Using BPAY

You need a Biller Code and Reference Number.

Biller Codes:

  • SG Contribution: 31864 
  • Salary Sacrifice Contribution: 31880 
  • Employer Additional Contribution: 31872 
  • Member Voluntary Contribution: 31898 
  • Spouse Contribution: 31906

Reference Number: SFL account number (9 digit account number starting with 1)

BT Personal and Corporate Super

For BT registered employers

BT QuickSuper

If you have an Employer Super Plan with BT and have already registered to use our online services login to BT QuickSuper.

For members

Using BPAY

Use your bank's internet or telephone BPAY service to transfer funds from your bank account.

How do I use BPAY?

In writing

To nominate your BT super fund to receive any future Superannuation Guarantee (SG) payments from your employer download and complete a Super Choice Fund Nomination Form:

To make voluntary contributions (such as Personal or salary sacrifice contributions), download and complete an Additional Contributions Form:

Be sure to refer to the complete set of forms for your BT super plan if you need to make any other changes.

If you cannot download or print the form, contact us to ask for a form to be sent to you.

BT SuperWrap, SuperWrap Essentials and Investment Wrap

EFT, BPAY and Cheque

Making member contributions into your Wrap or SuperWrap cash account is quick and easy with our range of convenient options. Select your product below to find out how.



Year End Q&A

Superannuation Q&A

I’m an employer making super contributions on QuickSuper (using Choice) into my employee’s nominated super fund, how much time do I need to allow to ensure that those contributions are received by the nominated super fund(s) by 30 June?

You should aim to have these super contributions made 10 business days before 30 June 2017.

When is the effective date of my contribution?

The effective date of the contribution is the date that BT receives the contribution, which is not necessarily the date of the transaction.

Can I transfer funds out of my super fund if I make a mistake?

Transfers into a super account cannot be reversed and generally will not be accessible until you retire. For more info regarding release of super, see http://www.bt.com.au/super/learn/the-basics.asp

Will I receive a tax statement for my superannuation account?

No, tax statements are not produced for BT Superannuation accounts.

Investment Q&A

When will I receive a distribution payment for my investments?

The table below illustrates the quarterly distribution and statement mailing dates for Retail Investments.


Payment of distributions*

Statement mailing dates*

BT Investment Funds (including BT Classic Investment Funds)

From 7 July 2017

From 26 July 2017

BT Investor Choice Funds

From 7 July 2017

From 26 July 2017

Cash Funds (including BT Premium Cash Fund, BT Cash Management Trust & Westpac Cash Management Trust)

From 3 July 2017

From 12 July 2017

*Dates are indicative only

View more information and distribution history.

Will I receive a tax statement this year?

If your Fund(s) did paid you any distributions in this statement’s financial year (excluding distributions paid effective 1 July, which are considered part of the previous financial year), you will receive a tax statement. We are not required to produce a tax statement if no income is paid. Please note that an increase in the value of your units as a result of positive performance does not constitute income.

Tax statements are not produced for BT Super accounts because everything is taxed at fund level, if you require more information please see the Fund Factsheet.

Will I receive a capital gains tax (CGT) statement this year?

If you redeemed or switched any units in your Fund, or transferred units to another investment in this statement’s financial year, you may receive a CGT statement. We are not required to produce a capital gains tax statement when no redemptions, switches or transfers have occurred. Please note that an increase or decrease in the value of your units as a result of performance does not constitute a capital gain or loss.

For more information, contact BT