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Investors who’ve received distributions over the financial year should receive a tax statement summary and comprehensive guide to help complete their tax return.

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Withholding tax guide

Managed Investment Trust (MIT) Withholding Tax for non-residents

  • Withholding tax is applied to certain Managed Investment Trust (MIT) income paid to a non-resident of Australia. The legislation refers to a Managed Fund as a Managed Investment Trust (MIT).

  • The rate of withholding tax applied to Australian non-residents depends on the country of residence of the investor to whom the income was paid, and the type of MIT income that is paid. The Government has supplied a list of those countries whose residents will receive a lower rate of tax. The countries that attract the lower rate of interest are those that we have an Exchange of Information (EOI) Agreement. The residents of all other countries will have a higher rate of withholding tax applied.

  • Note that if you advise us that your residential address is overseas (or have arranged with us to pay distributions into an overseas bank account) we are required to deduct withholding tax except if we have been advised that you are an Australian resident for tax purposes.

  • The final withholding tax rate for investors resident in EOI countries is:

    • 10% for amounts that are Clean Building MIT Income;
    • 15% for Excluded from NCMI and non-NCMI amounts; and
    • 30% for NCMI amounts.
  • The final withholding tax rate for investors resident in all other countries is 30% on all MIT income.

  • The withholding tax legislation articulates who is responsible for withholding the tax. The person or entity that pays the income to the foreign resident is the entity responsible for withholding the tax and paying it to the ATO. For example, this includes Australian residents invested in our products who then remit funds overseas, as agents. BT publishes information necessary for retail investors to calculate this tax.

  • If you require further information about your personal tax position, we suggest you consult your accountant or tax adviser. In addition, further information can be obtained from the Australian Taxation Office's website.

The information in this article is current as at 1 July 2023. The taxation position described is a general statement and should only be used as a guide. It does not constitute tax advice and is based on current tax laws and their interpretation. Your individual situation may differ and you should seek independent professional tax advice on any taxation matters.