Peter Baines: a truly inspiring Australian

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He's one of the most inspiring people we've met - ever. Peter Baines OAM, former Forensic Investigator, now keynote speaker and Founder & Chair of the charity Hands Across the Water. 

Through his former job as a Forensic Investigator with the NSW Police Force, Peter Baines was deployed to natural disaster sites and crime scenes for the purpose of identifying and repatriating the bodies of victims, a job not for the faint hearted. On one such visit to Thailand after the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004, he was struck by the number of children who became orphans because of the disaster, which led him to set up an organisation that could help. The Australian charity Hands Across the Water was set up in late 2005 to raise funds for, and awareness of the children in Thailand who were affected by the Tsunami. The work the charity carries out is focused on improving the lives of the children and their communities today and in the future. Hands Across the Water now supports hundreds of children in multiple locations across Thailand. If you're interested in helping out with this charity, there are a number of ways to become involved. Visit the Hands Across the Water website to find out more. 

Peter now divides his time between Australia and overseeing his projects in Thailand, leading the Hands Across the Water team, as well as giving leadership talks around the world to help build effective Sustainable Leadership programs. 

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