How much does an SMSF cost?

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One aspect of determining whether a Self Managed Super Fund is right for you is to consider the costs of running your own SMSF and comparing it to the costs you would incur in a large super fund.

How much does an SMSF cost?

It is important to consider the costs associated with an SMSF and to compare those costs with what you would incur by keeping your benefits in a large super fund. The difference in costs can be considerable because of the way they are charged. The various costs related to SMSFs are more likely to be fixed and therefore, the overall cost is generally less affected by changes in the level of benefits within the fund. On the other hand, the fees charged in large super funds are generally percentage based and as such, increase in-line with the level of benefits.

Where the combined benefits within an SMSF are less than $200,000, the SMSF is unlikely to be cost competitive compared to a large super fund.

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Examples of SMSF costs

Cost Type 


Costs associated
with setting up


Costs for a trust deed.


Costs for establishing a corporate trustee, including the ASIC fee for establishing a corporate entity.

Ongoing costs
associated with
operating an


The annual SMSF supervisory levy (collected by the ATO), the annual independent audit fee, costs to produce an annual financial statement and tax return, and (when required) the fee for annual actuarial certification.


Costs for amending the trust deed of the SMSF, professional investment advice fees, accounting and book-keeping fees, and investment management fees.

Costs associated
with winding up

Costs will include both compliance costs and costs related to realising assets. The nature of some of these costs will depend on the assets the SMSF invests in, but might include brokerage or agent fees.

Further, there is a cost associated with the time you spend on running your own fund which will depend on how much you do yourself and how much you outsource to a professional.

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