Listed securities, typically referred to as shares, can be part-investments in an individual business traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Listed securities also include financial products which track the performance of an index, such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

BT Invest gives you access to ASX listed securities (including ETFs). You can view all your holdings, generate tax reporting and manage corporate actions all in the one account.

Fees and costs

0.5% + $60 + 0.11%
BT Invest administration cost (p.a.) ($12.50 min)^
Transaction costs

Minimum trade size is 1 unit (i.e. one share)

^ This applies to the value of the trade - if a trade needs to be managed by the broker (for example, due to insufficient buyers or sellers in the market), that transaction fee may be up to 0.20%. If your trade is transacted over more than one day, the minimum charge applies for each day a transaction occurs.

For further information see the ‘Fees & Costs’ section of the BT Invest Investor Guide.


For example, if you made a managed fund investment of $10,000 during the year, you'd pay:

$110 + $12.50* = $122.50
BT Invest administration cost BT Invest transaction costs Total first year cost

* The transaction cost is not an ongoing cost, so it's not payable again (unless you complete a buy or sell trade)

For further information see the 'Fees & Costs' section of the BT Invest Investor Guide.

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Managed funds are professionally managed investment portfolios with specific investment aims (e.g. to follow or do better than the market) and investment mixes (e.g. shares, bonds, etc).

Managed portfolio options are a portfolio of assets made up from managed funds, shares (which may include exchange traded funds) or cash. They are monitored by an appointed investment adviser to ensure the right investments in the right proportions are in place.

A term deposit is a cash investment held at a financial institution (e.g. a bank) for an agreed interest rate over a fixed term, so the interest rate does not generally change for the nominated term.

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