Antares Dividend Builder Portfolio

This portfolio may suit you if you seek a tax effective income stream by investing in companies providing dividend growth.

Portfolio allocation

 Antares Dividend Builder Portfolio allocation

Key features

  • $25,000 Min initial amount

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The portfolio's objectives

To deliver higher levels of dividend income, on a tax effective basis, relative to the benchmark, and to achieve moderate capital growth in a tax efficient manner.

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The portfolio's investments

Predominantly securities within the S&P/ASX 200 Industrials Index.

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About the portfolio manager

Antares Capital Partners Limited (‘Antares’) specialises in the active management of Australian shares and listed property. Antares is dedicated to providing investment solutions to both institutional and retail clients. Established in 1994, Antares aims to have a dynamic culture and quality investment team that can deliver a range of investment solutions.

Antares is wholly owned by NAB Asset Management Limited, the direct investment arm of NAB Wealth Management.


$60 + 0.5% + 0.46% + 0.11% to 0.18%^
BT Invest administration cost (p.a.) Management costs (p.a.) Transaction costs

^ Generally between 0.11% and 0.18% of the transaction amount but may be as high as 0.20%.
For further information see the Fees & Costs section of the BT Investor Guide.


For example, if you made a managed portfolio investment of $25,000 during the year, you'd pay:

$185 p.a. + $115 p.a. + $27.50*
BT Invest administration cost (p.a.) Management costs Transaction costs

* The example assumes a transaction cost rate of 0.11%.

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