Advance Growth Portfolio

This portfolio may suit you if you prefer predominantly moderate to high growth and some income returns. 

Portfolio allocation

Growth portfolio allocation graph

Key features

  • $900 Minimum investment (excluding $100 min in BT Cash)

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The portfolio's objectives

To deliver predominantly moderate to high growth and some income returns. The portfolio aims to track the overall return of a diversified portfolio of underlying investments.

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The portfolio's investments

The portfolio can invest in Australian registered managed funds and exchange traded funds.

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About the portfolio manager

BT Investment Solutions is the investment centre within BT Financial Group and provides investment products and solutions to customers, offering investment opportunities across a range of asset classes, including shares, property and fixed interest. The Responsible Entity, Westpac Financial Services Ltd (‘WFSL’), is part of BT Financial Group. WFSL will manage some of the managed portfolios by relying on the proven capability of BT Investment Solutions.


$60 + 0.7% + NIL
BT Invest administration cost (p.a.) Management costs (p.a. [max]) Transaction costs

For further information see the "Fees & Costs" section of the BT Invest Investor Guide and the "What are the fees and other costs?" section of the BT Managed Portfolios PDS.


For example, if you made a managed portfolio investment of $25,000 during the year, you'd pay:

$60 p.a. + $175 p.a. + NIL
BT Invest administration cost Management costs Transaction costs

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Westpac customers

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New customers

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